Monday, August 01, 2011

Revisiting 2010

A while ago, I watched a video our friends had made of their previous year.  At the end of 2010, I thought, I could do that!  As I started to make the video, however, I came across an issue.  Something happened in the formatting of some of our video footage.  I couldn't figure out how to convert the strange format.  Kyle said he thought he could fix it, but months later, it was still not accessible.  I'd started making the project in 2010, but had decided to wait until the video footage was fixed.  It's July of 2011, and I've decided, I've waited long enough.  Most likely the footage wont be recovered until we are back in the states, and seeing as that will be quite a while, I decided to finish the project without the rest of the footage. 

If you interested in whats going on in the video, I've provided a rudimentary list of events along with a few links to blog posts.

Click to watch in youtube

Ansan drama, Samgipsal dinner (BBQ pork), golden beauty- our first, very decorative, phone, ski trip- click here
Monk for a day
Teaching at an orphanage- (the middle two posts)
Deserted island trip
World cup
Jellamnom-do- in the south
The Russian students
and part.2
Free trip
egg drop
Our schools version of immigration
Shopping in Seoul
Boracay- Vacation to the Philippines,
Hiking in Yongmun
One year birthday party
Korean food
Preschool- there are LOTS of preschool posts, here's one
Building an igloo
Vacation to Hawaii
Home for Christmas

Wow, that took way longer than I expected to link all those posts... I hope you look at them...

Note: The first two songs are Korean songs, and the last one is composed and played by our friend Michael Fontenot.

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