South America

About six months after we were married, Kyle and I decided to try living abroad.  I had been working for a marketing company, but because the recession was starting, no one's business that I was with whom I was working was succeeding.  At least that's what I told myself. Kyle was finishing his degree with only one class remaining (so we thought), and we thought what better time to try out our wings elsewhere.  My job was falling through, Kyle could take his last class by correspondence, our children count was .5 (our adorable puppy who has since moved in with her grandparents), mortgage- whats that?, car payments- not with two dilapidating clunkers.  Any and all true adult responsibilities were non existent.  In that moment we had a decision, we could pick up the ropes tied to the such weighty responsibility, tie them around our wrists and ankles, settle and begin the grind we had been trained to enter into, or we could fly.  With nothing but a glance to affirm our mutual decision, we cut loose the ropes, released the hot air and flew into the land of unknown adventures.  When people hear about our traveling adventures many people say, "I'm so jealous.  That sounds so fun!  I wish I could do that." It's possible; anyone can travel, anything that you commit to is possible.  But living in another culture is not just fun, it can be tirelessly frustrating.  Our time in Chile was a learning experience.  I liken it to a roller coaster with dips, dives, excitement and tears.  We had great times but it was coupled with frustration and sadness.  Chile is what set our path in motion, it is what jump started our teaching English abroad career and all though there were difficult moments, I cherish those memories.

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We also traveled to Argentina, and although it was fantastic, neither of us ever wrote a post about it.