Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guess what we made!!

We made a button.  All by ourselves.  Well, not completely by ourselves.  We used the internet to figure out how to do it.  This blog helped a lot.  But the really difficult part was designing the button.  When we purchased Kyle's computer, we were really excited because it had photoshop.  But I'm photoshop illiterate, and I'm not good at teaching myself stuff.  I mean, I can, but it takes so long, and requires so much practice, and lets face it, I'm impatient. But, one evening, after watching The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which was a pretty great film, mostly out of boredom, we decided to try. Well, Kyle, wasn't as excited as I was, but he was more than willing to indulge me. So we thought of an idea.  I found a picture, and he found the yellow brick road image.  And then, an hour and some change later, we figured out how to merge the two into an image, well, Kyle did.  It was a very exciting moment for the two of us.  And then, we had to learn how to do the HTML code, which is very very specific, and if you mess even a tiny piece of it up, it can screw up the entire image.  This took a while as well because we did mess up pieces of the code.  But close to three hours later, we had our button.

What is a button?  It's basically a fancy link. It's a way to brand your blog.  If another blogger follows my blog for example, they can take the button, and put it on the side of their blog, as a quick, and colorful way of advertising the blogs that they read.  I have a few on the side of my blog, you might have noticed.

And since we worked so hard on this button, we'd LOVE (with a capitol L) if you'd display our button on your sidebar!!!

(The button code has been fixed since the last time- try it out and let me know)

How to grab the button?
 copy  the HTML on the side under the heading "Grab a button". Make a text widget on your sidebar, and paste it in.  The end.


Bekah said...

Im trying! But...sadly...I think the code is wrong. The picture posts twice, and the word 'the' keeps popping up next to it?

Vanessa Rogers said...

Really!! Darn it! Okay, I will try and figure out what I did wrong AGAIN! Thanks for the heads up.

Tricia said...

This will sound so sad but as a mom of 3 who works two jobs I love your blog because you two seem to have such and amazing life! I love living through your blog! Keep it up.