Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crazy hat day

 Today was crazy hat day.  I didn't understand what was supposed to happen.  Neither did the people planning this event.  The kids were sent home with notes saying to bring a crazy hat on Friday.  After taking pictures, I was asked to MC.  During the meeting about this event, I continuously asked what the plan was.  The response I received, blank stares.  Why can't there be some semblance of organization and/or communication?  Just a little...  So I MC-ed.  I didn't know what I was doing.  I paraded the children around and then we cheered for the best hats.  In the end however, the teachers picked and everyone got junk food as a prize.  For a country that seems to take such pride in being healthy, they sure eat and feed their children a LOT of junk food.  Besides the little three year olds who seemed to have NO CLUE as to what was happening, everyone had fun.
Jude is a little bit of a trouble maker but he's cute.

Adam has only been learning English for a month and he is so cute. He has this doe eyed look that just melts my heart.

She cried at the end of the day because her mom didn't make her hat.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture but her hat is a diaper.  Her little hair decoration stuck out where the leg normally goes.  I thought it was clever. Half of the students had hand made hats or make-shifted hats, the others made a hat in class or choose from our costume closet.

Jasmine was our winner.  She is too cute.

This hat is stock full of newspaper filling!

Peter has a bit of a stutter but is very sweet and smart.

Jasimine's mom sent hat shaped cookies for crazy hat day!

The class picture!

These boys are from another class

Her hat was beautifully hand sewn, but Sara didn't smile the entire time. She is only three.

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Amanda said...

HOW ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Little Sara made me giggle. Cutie!

About your comment: East Texas or Tyler {About 2 hrs outside of Dallas}! Sorry to make you miss home. Believe me, it was a painful thing posting those pictures. HA!