Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bloopers Reel

At the beginning of the year, when I was still in the Education department (not in preschool) I was asked to make a culture class.  I searched the internet for hours for a video about gestures that ESL students would understand.  Coming up empty handed, I decided to try and make my own. An easy enough endeavor, I thought to myself. WRONG!! I spent over 20 hours putting that little seven minute film together.  The wonderful thing about that video, is that its not used at our school.  The cultural class, I was specifically requested to design was not employed.  Hours upon hours, seriously, I spent weeks on this powerpoint that currently just sits on the Intranet drive taking up space.  Maybe one day, it will be put to good use, but honestly, I'm not optimistic.

After my eyes regained their ability to look beyond a computer screen, I promised to those involved, that I'd make a bloopers reel.  We had a lot of fun in the filming process of this video, as you can clearly see from the video.  Hope you enjoy it!

Link for the Bloopers REEL 

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