Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jellom nam do

Laggard. Yep, that's me. This post is so past due, if I were a teacher grading this post, I would give it a zero. So I apologize for the tardiness, however, you probably never would have known the differences had I not just shared that with you. This trip was during the middle of June and we are currently creeping towards August. Actually for us, it doesn't feel like a creep but more like an out of control vehicle without working brakes heading towards a crowded intersection. We are in the middle of summer camp currently with multiple programs happening all at once and Kyle having to organize everyone, time is more like a whirlwind than anything. Which is one reason I let this post simmer on the back burner until now.

The World Cup soccer match is flashing in the front of the bus, while I adjust my crooked neck and oddly bent legs for the hundredth time. Screams of elation bombard my ear. The US has just scored. I slit my eyes open for a peak but soon close them again.

I awake to our leader saying "we are here!" It is pitch black outside which may or may not have something to do with that it is 4:30 am. Kyle is grumpy. He is always grumpy when he doesn't get proper sleep. My teeth feel grimy. Ten out of 40 of us paid to sleep in a Korean style room instead of the rest of the night on the bus or outside in the grass. We make our way up the hill through the wall of humidity to our hotel.

The view outside the window in the morning is of the ocean. I hadn't noticed on our walk last night. We had the opportunity to hike a small mountain, but Kyle and I have chosen sleep over a hike.

We have slept for at least 6 hours horizontal. We are ready for the remainder of our journey. Lunch is raw crabs. They are really delicious, but take quite a bit of effort as to get to the crab meat, one must suck it out. The slurping noises, which are an acceptable noise in Korea swish vulgarly around the table with every suck.
We are also provided with fish soup. You gotta love it when they include the head.

Kyle sucking away.

We have options next. Kyle and opt for a hike to a scenic island. But as usual, plans don't always pan out like you would like them to. Construction prevents us from actually meeting our destination, as we can't find the detour signs and become increasingly lost. Although we don't make it to the island because of lack of time from being so turned around that we ended up in someone's backyard garden conversing with a cow, we had an adventure. In the end we are able to view the island from a decorative temple gazebo. It looked beautiful from afar.Resting in the gazebo

The only cow so far I have seen in Korea

The gazebo

I don't know who this fellow is

I was trying to shoot the bee, but he was moving too quickly

We arrive at a National Park. I think what we are looking at our fields of rice patties, but I can't be sure. What I do know is that I have taken so many pictures that my camera has died and I am tempted to jump in the mud pitt with the mudskippers and crabs and starting hocking them at random tourists from frustration that I was too stupid to remember my charger. After holding me back from jumping in the mud, and also posing like the captain of a boat, Kyle is ready for our hike up. I have seen at least three Korean women walking barefoot caring their high heeled shoes. Blisters and an irrational need to always look like dolls are the culprit I believe.
The observation deck shows crop circles of patties. We had hoped for a sunset, but the humidity has blanket the sun in a dense sweat and opaque water droplets.From up high

another view of the same shot

Kyle being a captain of an imaginary boat
The typical Korean pose.

I liked her parasal

It was quite the site

The blades of grass were even beautiful to photograph.

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