Saturday, December 27, 2014

V&K's 2014 in Review

Jan: Set New Year Resolutions.... Evidently I didn't work hard enough on them- cuz they didn't work out. They were good ones too. Maybe I'll try again for this year:
1) Act in 1 Community Play
2) Plan my weekends further in advance- I'm starting to do this again
3) Volunteer at least once a month.

Feb: The Florida/Montana Sanders come to visit!  We had a blast hosting our family members from the corners of the U.S.A.

Families are like fudge — mostly sweet with a few nuts.~Author Unknown (I found this quote particularly apropos since we all like fudge and we're all a little nutty)

(Yes, he's named after Harry Potter. Yes we acknowledge that we are BIG FAT dorks)
March: We celebrated Texas Independence Day by adopting the best little doggie in the world: Dobbie Perseus Rogers. 

Also, Kyle turns the BIG 30! He's officially old. Not me though. I will perpetually be 29.
We're pretty in love with this little guy

April: Kyle decides he wants to be a welder. We look at local schools, but ultimately decide the top welding school in the world would be worth the effort.OHIO it is....

Last Event at Free Trade Alliance

May: Spurs rock the NBA once again. Love my Spurs!

June: Kyle and Vanessa furiously pack; furiously in both senses- angrily because we hate it, but also at the pace of speedy Gonzalez.
Our lovely friends at our going away party

July: After taking a deep breath, we take the plunge and move to Ohio. Our Roadtrip there is a LOT of fun.

August: Disney Reunion! Eleven years ago, Kyle and I took another leap of faith and moved to Florida to do a "college internship" at Disney. 11 years later, these ladies are family to me. So happy that we get to live near'er' to them. Seven hours sure beats 20 hours driving. 

September: We've moved to Troy, Ohio, a small town of 25,000, live in a house from 1908, a block away from one of the most trafficked train tracks... 38 trains daily. The train itself isn't too loud, just conductors liberal use of the horn...
We're a "lightening strike"

October: Halloween happens

November: First Thanksgiving by ourselves. Its lonely, but we're blessed that we have each other.

Ohio is cold- even Dobby agrees

December: We celebrate 14 years of togetherness.... wow... We're OLD!
Oh yea, and Kyle grew a beard!

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!