Tuesday, August 02, 2011

And with the flooding comes...

crayfish???  During the cleanup, which was done primarily while the rain came crashing down around us, we discovered crayfish! I didn't know what they were exactly when I first saw them. I've only ever seen crayfish cooked, and much larger.
Upon seeing them, Kyle said, "Mmmmm, dinner!"
Of course Kyle recognized them right away.  He may not remember my name when we're 80 years old and living in a nursing home, but he'll be able to tell you the diet of each different species of lizards.
Are crayfish common in Yongmun? You may be asking.

I still haven't gotten a clear answer on this.  I have no idea where these guys came from.  We live near a river, but not on a river.  I'd never heard of freshwater crayfish, but that must be what they were, because there are certainly no oceans near us.

Because Kyle loves being manly, he begged that I switch with him for the day, and let him clean outside in the rain, while I take over his classes.  Preschool students were called and told not to come in; being so little, the currents running through our campus could have quite easily washed them away.  I obliged my puppy eyed husband although playing in the rain had in truth, sounded fun to me, I just can't say "no" to those eyes. And instead taught his classes.

The flooding actually was worse than I'd expected, more than 17 inches of rain within two days.  Landslides killed several University students, and Seoul was an absolute mess for a few days. Life went back to normal the following day for us, however, more rain, more humidity, but less torrential.


Krystyn said...

Umm...they taste okay, but I don't think I'd eat the ones that the flood waters bring in!

Peter and Leslie said...

Ew. At first I thought those were scorpions. Crayfish are much better and less scary. We're getting a lot of cockroaches. They're coming indoors looking for water. Send some of that rain this way!