Saturday, August 06, 2011

An inside look at North Korea

I've been looking at reddit recently, a news site I don't fully understand yet, and came across this article.  It's a montage of photographs taken within North Korea.  There are some 37 pictures, and although I often include many photos, sometimes even too many in my posts, even 37 is stretching my limits.  But I found the pictures intriguing.  North Korea are our hostile, and unpredictable neighbors to the North, and yet we know so little about them.  A country that prohibits almost all foreigners, any photo, even non-revealing photos, allow us a little glimpse into the secretive land of the intensely controlled country.  Below are a few of the pictures from the article. To view all of the photos, go directly to the article, which is linked above.

A multi-lane highway with virtually no cars

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Susie said...

Hey guys, I really enjoyed checking out the full article-interesting to see the staged photo ops juxtaposed with the stark and foreboding landscape of the country itself-kinda creepy-great pics