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This post is a little late as Halloween was weeks ago, but it is better late than never, right? One great thing about our school, is that because we often have dramas with summer and winter programs, we have an enormous costume closet for your average school.  I would even go so far as to say it is larger than the costume closet we had at my high school. Some of the costumes are ratty with wear and tear, and some smell from sweaty Korean children playing with them, but we are still quite lucky to have it at our disposal.  Korea has holidays, but their holidays are not quite as elaborate as ours.  Halloween, because of America's culturally over-reaching hand sprinkling its American dust on other nations, has begun to gain in popularity in other places in the world, but because it is really only a North American holiday, it is far from what we would consider Halloween.  In Korea, the foreigners celebrate their holidays amongst the gawking Koreans to keep their spirits up during the holidays.  At our school, we decided, to commemorate this ghoulish holiday by wearing costumes to class.  The kids got a kick out of it, although we had to explain why we were wearing our costumes.  We had our pictures taken as soon as we walked into the 8:30 morning meeting.  Many of the photos, I would venture to say are unflattering.  Dark circles, unless they are going as a zombie or vampire don't suit anyone well.

A few days later we had an official Halloween party.  Our friend Amy in the preschool had been decorating her classroom with Halloween decorations for the entire month of October.  We had several Halloween decorations parties to help Amy achieve her spooky classroom effect.  So, in turn, we used her classroom as our party room as it already had all the much needed decorations.  She had created games for the Halloween party as well including pumpkin bowling (with a green Korean pumpkin knocking down coke bottles), bean bag monster toss, and pin the face on the pumpkin and ghost.  It was a fun evening and we finished it off with "Ghostbusters" the original.  P.s. according to IMBD, they are coming out with yet a third Ghostbusters scheduled to be released in 2013!!!

The pictures are a little backwards though.  The party pictures are first and they are followed by the daytime school pictures!
This was found in the old Halloween preschool decorations bag.  I don't think that skeletons having sex is preschool appropriate.  Someone wasn't paying attention.

The preschool teachers

Pumpkin pie (we found it at Costco!!)

Banana ghosts!
Those are supposed to be mouths.  Can you tell?

Goblin snot

Amy made these

Watch out spider, Ranger Kyle is gonna shoot you!

At the party I was a zombie.
Sorry, it's a bit blurry.
The only picture of me smiling for my zombie photos :)

Spiderwoman scaling the wall!

I made these glue ghosts!

Playing pin the tail on the pumpkin!
I didn't do so well

Pumpkin bowling.  Yes, that is what Korean pumpkins look like.
The makeshift bowling pins.

In the monster's mouth, bean bag toss!

This is actually a pajama outfit in Korea.  Cute huh!

Zombie teacher!
our costumes for the daytime. We were pirates!
He better watch out!!

Vampire bat...

Kyle on his scooter that he fights the other little kids with for possession.

He's being a good husband and bringing the camera!
The two Snow Whites!

Funny outfit huh??

Some of the Korean staff.

The pirates and the Snow White princesses!

Another Vampire bat!

Class photo!

Even sillier teacher photo!

I keep trying to kill snow white!

ride your short broom witch!

Hee hee

In the office, at my desk.

I think this picture is so funny!  Look at the witches eyes!

Everyone is killing the cow!

Poor Snow White.

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