Sunday, April 10, 2011

The "Free" Trip

So I meant to write this post ages ago, but since I can't seem to ever sit down to write about it, I am just going to do a brief play by play.

You might have seen the video I posted last month. If you didn't, click here to view it.

We were told that we were being offered a "free trip."  And there was a boat ride involved.  
"yippee!" we said
At 11 pm at night we boarded the equivalent to a polar express except that instead of Christmas themed, was solar system themed.  I felt like I was bound for outer space.
We conked out until we were woken at 3 am to board a bus.
This bus took us to a beach, the purpose of which was to watch the sunrise.  Either we were facing the wrong direction or the fog made it impossible to make out the sun, but I never saw a sunrise.  The sky did gradually get lighter, but it was far from spectacular when all I really wanted to do was to sleep.

The bathhouse was next.  I thought maybe there would be places to sleep like in a normal jimjilbang, but alas, no, only lots of naked Korean women cleaning, and scrubbing vigorously and the multiple pools of bath water.  I was sleepy and grumpy and not delighted to be sleep cleaning.

Psychodelic train. We weren't sure it was going to take us anywhere sane!

someone put a lot of time and effort into this train

happy to be on the spaced out train

on our way to the green tea fields
Next stop: Green tea field. In the early morning dew, the green tea field glittered like gossamer. The humidity's percentage level was so high that I felt we were constantly swimming, breathing in droplets as we toured the bushes of tea.  It was beautiful, and moving, and cheered me up from my previous zombie level I had been previously been participating at.

the fog also had an effect on the trees

the entrance

but the fog did make it the scenery stunning.
Non of us could dry off as the humidity was literally tangible.

too bad our hair is drenched

We then headed to a pottery festival.  There were many activities to be had, including spinning (I think that's the appropriate term), but unlike at the mud festival, the pottery festival did NOT  offer to fire our pot bowl.  Which basically means that the hardened, unglazed, unfired bowl becomes a waste of space.  It serves no purpose except to sit uncomplimentary in our kitchen as it cannot be used for food as it cannot be washed.    Oh well, making it was fun anyways.

The boat ride mysteriously was nixed, and the final market before we were to return home ended up to be closed this particular Saturday.

yummy silkworks!

Before returning on our psychedelic train ride home, we visited the train museum.  Kyle and I found a petting zoo, and spend most of our time petting and feeding the adorable rabbits. The donkey's however hilarious, were not as cute.  Especially when he mistook my dress for food, and chopped down rather powerfully on my leg, leaving a significant bruise which lasted for weeks.

This trip had been free, so although the trip had obvious holes, it was lovely regardless and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.


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