Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Visitors

Texas, the lonestar state, is known for many things, it's big beautiful blue sky, the perpetual and sometimes unmanageable heat, it's size, not only the mere size of the state but the largeness of the people as well (we have three of the fattest cities in the USA), and it's wildlife. The other night we were visited by some very unconventionally beautiful guests. Some in fact might even consider these creatures of the night to be frightfully repelling, especially when they literally walk out of their skin to leave their outer shell hanging like a deserted evening gown hung on the side of a house. Yes, I am talking about ghosts! No, no, no, I kid, I kid. I am speaking of the lovely cicadas that serenade our summer evenings with a orchestrated high-pitched roar which efectively drowns out any other evening noise. If you are unfamiliar with their songs, you can click here: The songs of cicadas

This little bugger was hanging out on the brick outside the front door, a dangerous place for a bug considering the prowling habits of QT, the magnificent cat. However, this particular evening, he was not alone, he had brought along a friend of note, a dragonfly. When we float down the river, a common activity in the unrelenting Texas heat, we often are visited by pairs of dragonflies taking a rest from their manic mating, landing on our shoulders or heads. They are not an uncommon critter. However, this particular one, was quite extraordinary, and in fact, I have never seen it's equal. Because of her remarkable coloring, she will hence forth be called she because if it is a male, he may be confused about his sexuality, wearing pink and purple as his primary colors. And yes you read correctly, pink and purple. Every dragonfly I have ever come across in my life have had green and blue coloring, but this astonishing flying animal was colored to go out on the town and paint the town red, or pink and purple in her case. How wonderful nature is to have such astounding creatures. Nature is something that I have always loved, respected and feared equally. It never ceases to astound me. What is it about nature where you live do you love?

An old post from our Italy blog about critters. It's fun! Go down a few posts to check it out. There are some funny old photos there.

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J-Gro said...

I love cicadas too! And dragonflies.