Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy DIET tips!!

I just finished watching an episode of Oprah, a show I have a lot of respect for, and which I sadly haven't watched in years. Today, however they were talking about child obesity and American diets. I love learning about health. I am a health fiend you might say. Any article I see about health, I typically will devour; one because I strive really hard to lead a healthy life, and two, health experts are always discovering new and surprising facts about what is healthy and what isn't. Sometimes I feel like I care so much about my body because it is one of the small things I can actually feel I have some control over in this chaotic world of ours when so many of the things we plan don't work out in the way we had hoped.

As an adolescent, I was awkward and overweight as many are. Not obese in any way but I had some extra and unwanted pudge. I think most adolescents hate how they look, and honestly I don't blame them; their bodies are so out of whack, they aren't kids any more, but they aren't adults and their bodies and minds are just as confused.

At twelve, I started to pay attention to labels, mostly fat content. I never really counted calories, but if something had anything higher than a 7g fat content, I wouldn't eat it. I would always choose the fat free items.

Over time, along with the rest of America, I have started to avoid fad diets and began learning more healthy ways to eat, by choosing more holistic foods; foods that come from the ground, or from nature rather than a box or processed until it has no resemblance to REAL food. I also learned that our bodies actually NEED fat! Good fats mind you and probably not as much as the Big Mac has to offer but still, some good fat, in good amounts is....good!

Oprah's guest speakers were the editor of Men's Health, and the author of Eat this not that.

The audience was given a quiz of foods that they should choose over the other. One of the more surprising things they listed was pork bacon vs. turkey bacon. Obviously there are many different brands out there, but the consensus seems to be that because the sodium levels of turkey bacon is so much higher, pork bacon is actually the healthier choice. Another surprising choice was a multi-grain bagel with low fat cream cheese vs. a glazed doughnut.


Answer: glazed donghnut.
Why: Multi-grain is deceiving, just because it has many different grains does not mean that they are whole grains. It needs to say multi-whole grain. And the amount of carbs and calories in a bagel are astounding!

Wait what!!? Why have I avoided doughnuts for all of my life!!? Hand them over!

The website even has a game which is astoundingly enlightening! Play it! Really, it is lots of fun to get so many answers wrong!!
The worst thing I found out while taking this quiz was the caloric intake of any of Schlotzsky's sandwhiches, which are some of my favorite but I may never be able to eat one again :(

Our health is something that we should all value, because without our health, we don't have anything. Love yourself enough and choose to make good choices. Sometimes it's difficult when there is an open bag of M&Ms in the kitchen and you have a choice between fruit or chocolate. I know I don't always make the correct choice because it is hard, but the right choices in life are most of the time not easy. I'm not preaching here, I just found this program extremely interesting, surprising and informative and I wanted to share with all of those who also are health conscious.


Rachael said...

Uh, I did read this, sorry I didn't comment! I was most surprised by the bacon thing. I've cut down on bacon, a lot, used to buy it every week but now only every couple of months (or less). But I still felt guilty about it because I couldn't wrap my taste buds around turkey bacon. I always look for the leanest packet anyway (yes I'm one of those people who opens the back panel on all the bacon packages looking for the best one). I think sodium is much worse than fat. Now I feel better about my -regular- bacon addiction!

Ann Marie C. said...

I love your wedding picture! And the dress too... =]

Unknown Mami said...

I'm sure the show was good, but I have a version of the book that is for kids and honestly I wouldn't want my kid eating any of the stuff in there because it's all mostly processed food. The choices being things like Mac N cheese vs Spaghettios.

Vanessa Rogers said...

But I think the point of it isn't to focus on eating those foods, but if you are going out and have to make a decision between bad and bad, you are now able to make a more informed decision.

Reading the District said...

so as someone who's trying to figure out what to eat in this crazy world, what would you recommend my diet be based upon? so far, i'm on the weight watchers deal--not officially, but really i'm just trying to pay attention to my intake...maybe it'll work, maybe not?

BPOTW said...

It's amazing the things we 'believe' and listen to, but don't check out for ourselves! Thanks for the post!