Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How to open a wine bottle without a cork screw

Learning by experience: Oh what fun that can be!

Step 1: Have record heat of 100+ weather for 45 days and the hottest July on record in Austin, Texas EVER recorded!! And although this does not help in the wine opening, it is estimated that the drought in Central Texas is the worst in the entire United States right now. Lake Travis is the lowest it has been since 1963, 27 ft. under capacity.

Step 2: Leave wine bottle unopened in the car for the majority of the day.

Step 3: Put very warm bottle in the freezer to quickly chill.

Step 4: Watch the cork blow straight out of it's socket without any help from humans because of the building pressures caused by the miracle of chemistry which I never fully understood. (Luckily Kyle caught it before it spewed wine all over the freezer. The plastic covering over the cork had been broken and the cork was a half an inch from being completely dislogdged. "Did you open this wine bottle?" Kyle asked looking at me accusingly. "Nope, must've been the freezer gnome." Science surly is AMAZING! You learn something new every day.


Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

So this heated to hot and then auto-corked wine, was it drinkable? Red or white, neither likes getting hot much. Hope it was good. Think I'll stick to corkscrews. Or screwcaps!

Vanessa Rogers said...

It was a blush wine. We waited it for it to cool outside the freezer before putting it back in. It turned out ok in the end. :)

bettyl said...

You have freezer gnomes!? Cool!

Great story.