Saturday, August 08, 2009

Random lessons I learned this week:

** very random, pointless post, be aware of the absurd randomness**
-don't eat habaneros and serrano peppers for dinner before you go for a run. Fire in the pit of your stomach will ensue. My stomach is currently speaking in passionate tongues.
-Everybody poops! We went to the zoo on Friday with a friend and her five year old brother. While we were admiring the giraffe facing the corner as if he were in time out, Kyle pointed out, rather loudly, that the zebra was pooping. The little girl next to us said, "ewwwwww, yucky" to which her mom responded with, "everybody poops. Lizzy poops, you poop, the zebra poops." Kyle chimed in, "Vanessa poops." even though we had never met these people before.
-This summer's heat is unrelenting, but boy do I love getting in the pool to cool off.
-I love my hubby boy. He makes me happy :)

I warned you these were random tidbits. Almost a worthless post. But I just wanted to make sure you didn't think I had forgotten about you or that you forgot about us :)


Kimberlina!! said...

I poop :)

Unknown Mami said...

It's true everybody does poop. Maybe another reason not to eat too many habanero or serrano peppers.