Friday, August 28, 2009

Hallelujah, it rained!

It was automatic
Why there was great Lightning (last night!)

It was positively electrifying!

Ok so I switched around the lyrics a bit to try and fit what I was trying to say, and although it makes no sense, it made me laugh so I ain't changing. In fact, I am listening to John Travolta sing Grease Lightening as I write this post. That was the best musical ever made- cheesiest, but the best!

But I digress... the point of this was to sing hallelujah to the electric band of hard metal angels that rocked out last night like there was no tomorrow. And man, did they have a spectacular light show. There were times the entire Texas sky was alight in that illuminating white light that can either mean 1)you are on your way out to the great golden gates in the sky so gather your belongings 2) or there is a Texas thunderstorm overhead. A flash in one corner, and then in another, followed by some punk percussion playing angel pounding his heart out. I can just imagine a chorus of angels dressed head to toe in black, classic gothic style, dark sunglasses hiding clear eyes of one, a tatoo of Jesus on the hairy chest of another, while yet another has a hot pink neon halo adorning his head, all playing the largest set of drums imaginable sitting atop a dark ominous cumulonimbus cloud. While a classier angel, dressed in the classical style of an orchestra conductor complete with the tuxedo tails, throws his hands up in the air, back and forth, to the left, softer now, harder now, leading this band of angels in the magnificent thunderstorm that was last night. It was quite the show, a short one, but an amazing delectation for all it's guests, all that aren't afraid of a little thunder and lightening that is. The combination of lights, music and that magical life source, water, pouring from the heavens, pounding on every vulnerable naked surface was nothing short of genius. I, along with most of central Texas probably would have payed to see the show, but as it turned out, it was free. Maybe not exactly free as it has been about a year without significant rain in San Antonio, and we are in a pretty severe drought but I didn't spend any of the green paper I keep tucked away in the banks or under a cushion in my living room but I'm not telling you ;) . The rain last night, may not have solved our water issues, but the plants today are smiling into the sun rather than their typical saturnine disposition, curled in on themselves looking sullen and gloomy. Today is going to be a majestic and glorious day now that the angels have blessed us.


LadyFi said...

Sounds like a great night... and an even better tomorrow.

BPOTW said...

We never know what we miss til it's gone! Glad you got your change of weather!