Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

I mentioned a few posts back about our trip to the zoo. You may recall it as the poop conversation by the mom and daughter standing next to us so embarked upon because of the zebra pooping that spurred Kyle to tell perfect strangers that I, Vanessa, his lovely wife also poops. I know, I know ladies, calm yourselves. Keep the fighting over such a stellar spouse to a minimum. I was afraid to even release said information, in fear that total pandemonium would ensue due to sheer jealousy over the envy invoking male specimen I have scored. Hair pulling, and eye gouging will not be acceptable means in which to fight for him. And please pack away the killer nails. I must admit that he is amazingly charming like that, telling a five year old and her mother that I have bowel movement with the rest of them, but no matter how much you try to bribe me, I won't give him up. (Although , I might recommend checking Ebay from time to time )

The San Antonio Zoo is a pretty awesome zoo, especially for animal lovers like ourselves. Surprisingly, despite the overbearing 100 + heat, we were not TOO hot. The ancient, gargantuan oak trees provided a substantial amount of shade. It is amazing, how much difference trees can make.

One of the more interesting things we saw- and I am not sure if this makes us perverts- but two Galapagos Tortoises mating or at least attempting. We noticed only because of the strange and loud grunting noises coming from their open concrete enclosure. It is a dangerous chore for these animals since they have such huge shells that can be broken in the process. That is why the two Galapagos tortoises at Disney were kept separate. Poor George, the male who repeatedly broke the females shell, had to resort to befriending a log in his loneliness, which often confused the guests at Disney who often thought he was just stuck and couldn't remove himself from it.

We took along our camera for the ride, and I thought I would share some of our eventful day with you.

Kyle and five year old Bryce, Amanda's little brother posing in the kind of lame photo shoots. I think Kyle might be trying to eat the photo. Poor boy is probably hungry.

Whoa, who is that beautiful butterfly?

Well hello...
Mr. Hippo, hello mr. hippo, you surely are a big fella aren't you! How much water is displaced so that you can float?

"I thought Africa was hot, but man Texas, you sure are trying to compete. I don't plan on getting out of my pool all day long!"

"I'm tired of jumping. It's time for my nap"

"Are you talking to me, Are YOU talking to ME? That is what I thought!"
"I see you. That's right, I am looking right at you. yum yum"

One of the highlights of the trip was watching the spider monkeys being fed their afternoon snack. But just like humans if they don't use their brains they loose them so they were encouraged to work for their food. Each bottle had ice and nuts inside and it was stuffed with a decorated paper skillfully completed by each of the kids watching. The monkeys were sure that the treats were in the paper, and when they couldn't find them they threw the bottles on the ground. They didn't like the ice, which we found odd, since it was so darn hot outside.

"Food, food, where are you, are you in here?"

"Who needs a reclining chair when you have a tree limb."

"I could hang around all day."

Look how adorable they were!! So ADORABLE. The zoo wouldn't let me take one home for a pet though, something about wild animals... stupid rules! :)


LadyFi said...

Great pictures!

As for that husband of yours - how stellar of him to share your intimate toilet habits! ;-)

Reading the District said...

teacher's recommended reading list: "everybody poops".

read it and then tell me how it relates to your world in no less than two paragraphs.

please check the rubric for your assessment.

yay, i'm incentivizing!!!!

Peter and Leslie said...

I don't care what you say, I'm growing out my "killer nails". You better watch out. :o)

Right now Peter is scratching me behind the ears like he would Theodore. That's probably weird right?

Peter and Leslie said...

One of those little monkeys looks like he's delivering s Shakespearean soliloquy. The one hanging from the tree with his hand poised in front of his chest.

Was he?