Sunday, November 30, 2008

Favorite Moments from Thanksgiving week

Officially Thanksgiving is only one day, but the way it is set up in our family/families, it is a week long extravaganza with fun filled activities such as cooking, eating, catching things on fire, clogging drains, climbing on roofs and rolling on the floor with laughter. History tells us that the first Thanksgiving occurred when the Native Americans gave food to the struggling Pilgrims and as a result shared a meal together. Historians debate the accuracy of this "first meal of Thanks" but regardless of it's truth, I love the tradition of gathering around a table with family and friends to give thanks for our many blessings. After our week of three thanksgivings and more pumpkin pie than my stomach could contain, I have decided to compile a list of our favorite moments this Thanksgiving.
  • After picking up my grandmother from Lubbock, Sunday, we attended church as a family to give thanks. Which was followed by roast beef at my aunt Nancy's house. After lunch we made our way up to Nancy's bedroom and someone made a comment about the pitiful and unused treadmill covered in clothing and other junk that took up room in her entirely blue bedroom. To prove that this was in fact a used tredmill, Nancy proceeded to attempt a demonstration of how she DID know how to use the machine. Barefoot and in her Sunday best she strove to turn the machine on, only to find out that the thing wasn't even plugged in. After this the electricity issue was remedied, she began her demonstration, however, after a minute or so, the machine possessed by the demon of speed, sped up to a dead run, nearly throwing barefoot Nancy into the sprint of her life and in a dress of all things. Luckily she was not thrown through the air to her death since she knew the OFF button well.
  • Kyle is the perfect husband. It has been confirmed. The evening his parents arrived, we offered our bed, as it was bigger than the guest bed. As we curling up under the covers, he asked if I had my chapstick, knowing that I use it every night before I sleep and that it was on the nightstand next to our bed. I answered that I did not, and without prompting, pouting or puppy dog eyes on my part, my perfect husband left the comfort of the bed in search of my chapstick. Although this was a small thing, this thoughtful act melted my heart into soft butter. He did not have to breach the cold, nor was he asked to, but because he knew that chapstick before bed pleased his wife, he went out of his way and into the cold to retrieve my chapstick. That right there is why I love my husband!
  • Jennifer my best friend from high school, who now lives in NYC came into town to visit with her family and her Grandfather suffering from cancer for an entire week. I have known Jennifer since middle school, and though our relationship did not start out on a great foot, it has since blossomed into an unconditional and loving bond that I hold as dear to my heart as with a family member. One afternoon, Jen, her sisiter Kimberly, Kyle and I went shopping, and as we walked around Whole Earth Provisions she reached out to hold my hand. We walked to the jewelry section holding hands, probably looking like lesbians, but that didn't matter, what does matter is that I love Jennifer and I know that we will always be there for each other through the good times and the bad.
  • Our second Thanksgiving meal was with THE ROGERS clan- Kyle's dad's side of the family. When we arrived the kitchen sink drain had been stuffed full with potato peals to it's breaking point. And break it did. A gallon of draino later, and the potato peals wouldn't budge. Doug, one of five brothers climbed onto the roof at his own peril and humiliation to stick the plumbers snake down something or other only accessible on the roof only to be the subject of much laughter and no success in moving potato peals.
  • Disaster averted- The house was nearly brought to flames when the oven caught on fire from the drippings of the turkey. Luckily it was discovered quickly enough and our flame kissed turkey not only survived the torture, but was delicious.
  • Upon arrival to the beach house of Kyle's grandparents (on his mom's side) we desperately needed a run. Three thanksgivings and 10 pounds later, working off the many dessert calories was not only a desire but necessity to work off the bulging belly that had grown so large, it had begun speaking. However, as we dressed for our run on the beach, we realized that all of my work out clothes, neatly put together near the front door, did not make it to a bag nor the car. I might, had I not had a speaking belly, chosen to forget the run altogether, but rather I put on Kyle's extra running shorts, my one and only regular, wired bra, and a purple baby tee. There is not doubt about it, I looked ridonkulus! It was my first time running along the beach, and although the sand challenges the body, I enjoyed running with my wonderful husband feeling the salt heavy breeze, listening to the sound of the ocean, and cautiously watching the pelicans and seagulls overhead for frequent poop bombs.
  • How does one make pecan pie better? Chocolate. Yep chocolate makes everything better. Yummy!
  • Betos- one of the greatest restaurants in San Antonio and sharing pumpkin empanadas with my two best friends, Leslie and Jennifer plus Peter (les's hubsband) and Nancy Grojean (Jen's mom). Friendships that have changed my life.

I have so much for which to be thankful. Everyday is a blessing. Sometimes it is hard to remember how many blessings we have when we are faced with adversity, but Thanksgiving is a time for remembering and saying thanks! Thank you to all of my family and friends for giving so much of yourselves and being who you are.
Thanksgiving #1 with my mom's side.

Thanksgiving #2 with the Rogers clan
Thanksgiving #3 at the beach with Kyle's mom's side.


bekah said...

Whoa THREE thanksgivings! Yowza, we only had two and that was WAAAAY too much! Kudos to you two for surviving!

Will Rutledge said...

haha... what a great thanksgiving. (especially the roof can't make that stuff up ;) ) I think your husband is cool too... but he didn't bring me chapstick or anything... just "the dude"... i still crave white russians b/c of that. If I don't talk to you soon... have a great Christmas.

Kimberlina!! said...

Yay, I love it when the Grojeans are mentioned in your blog! Thanks for lending us Redneck Life, it was super fun!

J-Gro said...

I like it when the Grojeans are mentioned in your blog too! One big happy redneck family.

BTW, I hope I don't hurt your feelings when I remember that we weren't BFF in middle school! It's just because maybe I still feel a little guilty about being mean, plus it kind of seems amusing to me in retrospect. But I'll stop saying that! :)