Wednesday, November 19, 2008

**Happy 100 Post** and the sneezers

Yep, today is our 100th post! Something that certainly requires celebration and maybe a martini. Everyone gather together in a loving circle of peace and love and hold hands. (Yes you have to hold his hand even if it is sweaty!) We will now sing a celebratory song using the tune of "happy birthday"
Happy 100 post to you
You blogged up a slew
You look like a nerd
And you post like one too!
(Yeah, yeah, I know it's bad, but I not everyone is Paul Simon)

But in seriousness we want to thank everyone here for all of their love and support. Thank you to our friends and families, thank you to our bloggy friends and even a thank you to you blogger stalkers and/or lurkers (don't be afraid to make comments) you know who you are. I don't want to imagine where we would be without you. So a big THANK YOU to all of you!!

One way I thought we could commemorate this truly historic event that rivals Disney's 100 years of magic was to review previous favorite posts. So here is a list of some of our favs:

How our blog got it's name: The Yellow Brick Road
One of my first posts about my attempts at cooking: Dangers in the Kitchen
When Kyle and I were volunteers teaching English in Chile, we had some scary moments when the government took our passports: Tale of passports or nearly deported
Also while in Chile we struggled with the language, here is my take on it: Pieces of Spanish
The story of my engagement ring and how it was pirated: The One Ring
When we were studying abroad in Italy, we had a different blog. Even though it wasn't a part of the 100 posts, I thought I would share a fun post. Scroll down to the one called New found Love- it's about gelato!
The Haunted House Kyle and I made from scratch.

On to the part of the title "and the sneezers." Yesterday Kyle and I went for a run outside. The air was cold (cold for Texas is under 70 degrees) and dry (very strange for humid San Antonio). When I returned inside after exposing myself to the highly dangerous outdoors, where microbes run rampant, my nose began to tingle. It was a tingling similar to the one right before you sneeze except this tingling was not localized in one spot, instead it filled both nostrils as if there was million creatures inside dancing the salsa. The sneezing did not start immediately after the tingling as if their mere presence of the tingle was to taunt me, "You know you need to sneeze but it ain't coming, wait for it, wait for it, still no..." But when the sneezes started, they just wouldn't stop.
# of times I sneezed: 1 trillion (no but really I think it was at least 100) I nearly lost my mind and my eyeballs from the ridiculous amount of sneezing racking my body yesterday. I was pretty much a non functioning sneezing machine. If someone had thought to use my sneezes as an energy source, we might have had a long term solution to our energy crisis.
# of Kleenexes used: An entire box plus some. No joke, my nose has been rubbed raw. Santa has vetted me for the place of Rudolf.
Luckily today, I have only sneezed 20 times. What ever caused the sneezers, has left the building and good riddens! Don't come back now ya'll hear!!

To end this post, I thought I would leave you with this amazing video. Man this guy can dance! And if you make it through without a single tear from either tears of laughter or overwhelming joy then you are made of stone! Ok so I didn't actually shed a tear, but I thought about it, plus, Kyle tells me my heart is "as cold as ice" so I don't count.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Count how many of these places you have visited. How many would you like to visit?


Tiff said...

WOO HOO!! I am the first poster on your 100th post!! I can only aspire to get there some day...maybe in a years time. :D Hope all is well! Happy Turkey day a week early.

kay said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, struggles, and happy times.
Loved the video - the dancing was fun - more than that I loved the laughter - no language barriers there!!

Greg said...

I know I'm new to the mix, but I definitely enjoy your blog. I'm glad you beat the sneezers and hope they've gone for good. Stay warm in cold Texas, and remember us poor people up North. It's a balmy 41 right now, lol.

Vanessa Rogers said...

I forgot to mention that this video came from my new bloggy friend

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 100TH!!! I loved reading up on all the posts! Thanks!!

Oh and Im glad the sneezes are gone! I have been sneezing like crazy but no where near 20 a day!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Congratulations on 100! Keep up the good work!