Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I love being home

My friends don't just oblige when I insist on silly photos, but they encourage them!

Our annual mother daughter gathering (with Kyle )

More somber (notice there isn't another somber picture, but that was the title of this pic, "more somber")

Shock and awe

Something smells.  I LOVE my moms face in this picture!
If I had time to write a post, a real post, I might write a real list, but I feel as if these pics sum it up perfectly!!


SherilinR said...

i love the crazy face pictures! we always have lots of those too.
merry christmas. i hope you're enjoying your time at home!

micahd said...

i like em all. i especially like the funny smell one, and especially like the lady in the red scarf's expression. classic. happy christmas merry new year!

FreeBestDiet said...

great photos! My familly always take some crazy and funny photos too. I might upload few as well. Thanks