Thursday, December 09, 2010

Boracay (part 2)

Our second scuba trip, I wasn't able to actually go under.  The night before, I ate something that disagreed with me all night.  The nerves from my "shaky" first scuba trip wasn't helpful either, but I wok up nauseous.  Actually, I didn't wake up nauseous, I had nightmares throughout the night of throwing up in my breathing machine.  I doubt that would have happened, but non-the-less, it was enough to keep me above board for that go around.  I felt well enough to go on the boat trip however that day to take pictures of Kyle going in.  The island was called "Crocodile island" not because of the crocodiles snapping away, but because the shape of the island resembled the chomping sharp-toothed animal.
Kyle is ready to go in.
the boat from inside
You may have already seen the video of our dive, but if you haven't, you can watch it here.  While on the boat, I used my time to take pictures of the island, the boat, and the little boy shyly peaking at the white-faced stranger attempting and failing to take his picture.  When Kyle surfaced, and told me of how he had been taken deeper than he probably should have been, and that the current was EXTREMELY strong, I was over-joyed that I had sat this one out.

I might not have gotten a picture of the little boys face but I did get his feet!
I really this one.

adorable father son pic
our instructor

the island

the only picture we took of our delicious food that evening.

we took some night pics of us on the beach
In love!

the ambience around us was serene

The moon peaking out from behind the palm trees

We spent the rest of the day napping, shopping, and relaxing.  There was also an attempt at kayaking, but I failed and so returned to the beach and relaxing.

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sharon said...

Vanessa Dear,

Your mother forbids you to ever go scuba diving again! It is too dangerous!

Your Mother