Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boracay video

We've been hard at work editing the Philippine video (only a a few months after we got back.)  Not too shabby.  It could have been worse I suppose.  I mean, I edited a video of a trip we went on back in July, (what is that four months ago?) but have yet to write anything about it, so I still haven't posted said video.  Procrastination isn't good for me.

But... to make up for the delay, I have a delightful menu for you.  We took around 40 minutes of video. We edited it down to 18 minutes.  We are quite proud of ourselves for this feat! And I think it is pretty entertaining to watch, however, not everyone has 18 minutes of their day to waste on watching our Philippine video, so for those of you who have either a short attention span, or don't have a lot of time, I have also created a 4 minutes video of little quick clips of the trip.  There is no text or explanation in this video as there isn't really any time.  It's a wham bam, thank you sam type of video.

Click here for the full length feature.  

The wham bam, thank you Sam, Philippine video- click here.

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