Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow fight

Walking home from lunch one afternoon after our second big snow of the year, my terminally cute children couldn't resist the temptation to pick up frigid snow with their bare hands and fling it at each other. Kyle sometimes comes to eat lunch with me.  I no longer eat with the other teachers since the preschool goes earlier, and we eat with the class. On that day, Kyle had joined me, and my strategy on avoiding being pelted was to have the kids fling their snowballs at my darling husband.  It did backfire as he then had the children turn on me.  But because I didn't have gloves, I mostly just took pictures of snow flinging.  In the end, the entire preschool came outside to have an all out snowball fight.  It was a blast.
The preschool teacher is about to pelt a student.  Don't worry, he deserves it.

Her hands were cold.

throwing snow at me.

the other 7 year old class (korean age)

Three of my students weren't there that day.  The other six had fun though.

I love this picture!

Watch out for flying snow!

Teacher Andrea- watch out!

rolling big snowballs :)

these are the wee little tikes!

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