Friday, December 03, 2010

Thanksgiving craft

 The week of Thanksgiving, I taught my lil ones Thanksgiving vocabulary.  It was difficult explaining what a wishbone was to kids who had never seen or eaten a turkey.  But they didn't seem to mind.  Fridays is either field trip day OR craft day.  And because there were no fieldtrips planned, we did two weeks of Thanksgiving crafts.  The first one, was the cutest, I think.  It was a Turkey headdress. I found the idea here. 
The website is pretty specific about what colors you use for the feathers, but I thought it would be more fun if they picked their own colors.  They turned out really well, in my humble biased opinion.  What do you think? I didn't take pictures of the second one.  They made hand turkey Thanksgiving cards.  I have to say tho, I love arts and crafts with the kiddos.  It brings out my creative side. 

Class picture


Jane said...

These pictures make me want to teach preschool. Or have babies (Abe would kill me if we did that right now). Do you still enjoy teaching the little kids? What age group do you prefer?

Daisy said...

ok - again - I love the pics!!! and omgosh - what a cute craft!! Dang my break from blogging!! My nieces would have LOVED this idea.

Oh well ... next year!! And I'll hope you post some fun December craft ideas. :)