Thursday, December 16, 2010


That's right.  You read that right.  We are leaving Korea for an entire MONTH!!  We fly to Hawaii on Friday to meet the my mama, her friend and Kyle's 'rents for a glorious seven day leisure-filled vacation complete with whale watching, soaking up the sun, and stunning beaches, before we board another plane and head to Phoenix Arizona.  Who do we know in Phoenix?  No one.  Not a soul.  Well, one soul but she happens to be in Seoul! Ha!  I crack myself up.

So why Pheonix?  Because the airline, the ultimate decider, unless I want to pay an exuberant amount of money, and possibly give them my still beating heart to sell as a live organ, we are the lucky ones chosen to have a 12 hour layover on CHRISTMAS DAY in the Phoenix airport!  I know I am looking forward to sleeping on the cold floor waiting and praying for our airplane to decide to arrive 10 hours early just to take us back home.  That's what I should write to Santa Claus.

Dear Santa,
How are you today?  How are the elves?  I think I have some students in my class that might qualify as elves.  They are pretty darn cute. They aren't great at making toys, but they sure can destroy them.  Anyways, to get to the point, what I want for Christmas is not to have a 12 hour layover.  I don't mind a short layover.  I would even accept three hours, but 12, I might end up hurting someone and that wouldn't be good.  Thanks for understanding big man.  Looking forward to a plane neatly wrappted this year under the tree so I can fly myself home.  Have a good Christmas.

xoxox Your favorite on the "good list"

What do you think?  Excellent letter right?  Maybe I should have offered my preschool class as a bribe?

We will arrive home Christmas day, run around like mental cases trying to see everyone we have missed sorely for the last year in three short weeks and fly back exactly one month after we left the dreadful winter of Korea.  If you are planning to be in the area, and you still want to be our physical friend (as opposed to only a facebook friend) give us a ring or shoot us an email.  We want to see everyone!!  At least everyone in the Texas area.  Hopefully the next time we are home we will have yet another epic roadtrip and actually get to see our wind-scattered friends across the continental US of A.

What's the plan when we board the plane back to Korea?  Well, we resigned our contract.  Mostly out of convenience.  We most likely wont do anymore than another year here (in Korea).  We're saving money and thats the point of this venture (besides life experiences of course).

Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful folks!! Merry Early Christmas!!

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