Thursday, February 26, 2009

Much ado about nothing

What do you suppose this sign means?

No, I didn't take this picture myself. I wish I had seen this sign in person, then it would have been even funnier, but alas, I received it in an email. I thought it was so hilarious. What on Earth could this be trying to tell it's citizens? "No peeing and p.s. don't cut eggs?" What? How should this make since to anyone? I wonder if the people in city hall were tired of being uber serious all the time and one day up and decided that rather than spend the tax payers money on better education or beautifying the city, that instead they needed to make people laugh and bring joy into their extremely dull lives by creating the most hilarious and confusing sign ever made. It would certainly bring a smile to my lips if I passed by this sign everyday to work. I might even say, that making me smile is worth my taxpaying dollars, I don't really know if that is true or not, but I do love to smile!
I have been pondering, since receiving this email, about how to turn this funny sign into a post with substance. I sometimes feel like I am jipping my readers by posting silly things like this so I typically try and add a little extra to spice it up. But my pondering has puttered out and is now out of commission after several attempts to regain composure. It is on the side of the road broken down as I walk to the nearest pondering shop for a re-load on deep thoughts. That's what happens when it is nearly Friday, which means it is nearly the weekend, the deep thoughts one by one fall out of the hole in the pocket they are held in the brain. Monday morning, typically we are crawling on the floor on our hands and knees searching them out and dropping them back in only to have them fall out again by Friday. Oh the vicious circle.
So there you go, a pointless post, with no substance, about absolutely nothing, completely revolving around a funny sign that has nothing to do with me, Kyle, nor our lives, sent to me in an email. Enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

Don't fall over the edge, you'll crack like an egg? Haha...that is a weird one!

Rachael said...

This post reminds me of Seinfeld. It is about absolutely...nothing.


Peter and Leslie said...

Well, if you can still write such a delightful little post with no deep thoughts left, I'm afraid that a truly ponderous post of yours would be like. It might collapse the blogsphere with its gravitas!

Veggie Mom said...

Is this a Korean sign? 'Cause I was thinking about the no peeing and don't cut eggs you think it could have a deeper meaning?