Thursday, February 05, 2009

Still not patient

I think I have mentioned before how I am not a very patient person... no change, I am still incredibly impatient... we are still waiting for Kyle's paperwork to arrive so they can start the visa. My biggest fear is that somehow it won't arrive and will go back to the USA and we will have to start over all again! (which is what happened with the last package he sent here, but luckily it only contained his background check and passport photos, things easily attainable) Let's hope for my sanity's sake, it arrives within the next two days.

Good news: I moved into a new room. My last room was right outside of the commons lounge area meaning I heard EVERYTHING that happened outside my door and I could never escape. With my new room, I am now 20 feet from the lounge and although I can still hear most of what goes on, I feel like I actually can get away when I need which is very necessary after a long day of teaching kids and repeating "Do you understand? Do you understand? Nod your head..."


1. This video is SOOOOOO adorable! It made me want to cry, laugh and prance around in the woods all at the same time!

2. For a quiz question in our travel agency class, I asked the kids how many states the United States of America has. One team said 10, the other team said 300,000,000. I couldn't help it, I had to laugh. I think they were trying to answer the population of the country rather than how many states, but it was still a hilarious answer!

Geography quiz for you: (Answer in the comment box)
1. What is the largest country in the world?
2. What is the smallest country in the world?
3. What is the tallest mountain and where is it located?
4. What is the tallest building in the world?
5. What country has the largest population?

(Some of my smart classes can answer these questions without even a blink of an eye)


Mrs. S said...

Im impatient too!! I seriously can NOT stand it anymore. No MORE. Ugh. I'm having a melt down today.

1. Russia?
2. I dont know the smallest...
3. Kilamanjaro? (I dont know if that is how you spell it!)
4. ??
5. China

Dont laugh if Im not right!! haha

Elizabeth said...

Things will work out. They kind of have to by now--seriously! Good luck getting all of that cleared through.

One day when you guys come back to Texas we can have a blast taking pictures!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm so sorry that things aren't moving along at a quicker pace! Regardint the "things I've done" list...I just copied and pasted the list from another blog. It would probably be OK to add a few things've done lots of neat stuff!!

Veggie Mom said...


Burma? (Myanmar)


Sears Tower in Chicago?


Don't know things will work out for you!