Monday, March 02, 2009

Guess what!

There are NO Kids this week at school!! How amazing is that! It will be a whole week of silent halls. No running black haired little brats screaming, "teacher teacher!!!" I do actually enjoy being a teacher, but it certainly is a nice relief to have a break from them. What are we to do for an entire week without kiddos at a school you may ask!? Well, I will tell you: tear down old ratty posters that have absolutely no relevance to the class rooms, brain storm for new,better ideas, design lesson plans, and generally have a ball! Can you tell how excited I am by this??!! So excited. So excited I am doing a happy dance right now while I type. Yep, I really am that talented, I can do the happy dance while typing. I am just that cool :)

Sorry that once again my post is about nothingness but hey... I can't think what I should say here to complete this sentence to make it any better that I am writing about nothing, sorry... I tried to think of something, but I got nothing....

Here are some funny names that kids picked last week for their English names:
English Name- yep, we called him 'English name' as his name. He was a funny kid.
Puppe- it was pronounced "poopeh" She came with that name. It is her name used at her Hagwon (actual English school). I didn't have the heart to tell her that her name sounded like 'poop' except with a funny french sound at the end.
Bill Gates
Batman- there can't be a Joker without Batman
Sponge Bob - we had like three different kids with that name last week.
April, May and June- Three girls who were best friends all choose months as their names. It was really cute when they said their names because they sat in order. One of them would say "April." I would say, "Oh that is a nice name." The next would say, "May" and before I could comment the next would say, "June." I loved it! I loved that they were creative enough to do that! They were such cute girls too!
Pig- this was very strange. This little girl who we all mistook as a boy at first because she had a boy hair cut and was overweight chose the name 'Pig' as her english name. She knew what it meant, I don't know why she chose the name. She was a very smart girl who participated in all of the classes. The kids seemed to like her despite that she looked like a boy. But needless to say, I had a hard time saying, "hey Pig!"

Random question: Are boys born with a gene for making better paper airplanes than girls? Why do all boys know how to make one? When we make paper airplanes for one of the evening events, we make two lines, one boy and one girl. The girls' airplanes go about two feet, sometimes they wont even go that far or if they are really "special" they will fly backwards. But the boy airplanes always fly across the room. One girl out of a hundred made an airplane that actually flew. One girl. And that girl wasn't me, because my airplane didn't fly either. So once again, is paper airplane making only attached to the Y chromosome? Anyone know?


Brittany Bankhead-Kendall said...

haha, yeah we were only able to at one specific time that was entirely inconvenient. BUT... it was nice to look at and know he was under the same one.

Mrs. S said...

YAY for no kids!!! Have a GREAT week!

Veggie Mom said...

Don't you just love the peace and quiet? And what's up with those crazy names?

Karen said...

Aww, cute story Vanessa! Kids are crazy!!

Anonymous said...

This is Leslie and this comment thing is giving me trouble. Anyways, this post made me laugh out loud!

Kyle said...

Your so funny hunny! For the record though, I don't think it's a genetic issue, rather a "right of passage" issue. You see, in order to truely be considered a "man" a boy must learn how to construct not only the most effective forms of paper avionics but the best looking, the fastest, the farthest flying etc, thus boys will spend hours upon hours each day from kindergarten on, often never truly mastering the art until college. Then, when said boy has reached a Master Paper Avionic level, it then becomes his responsibility to not only stay up to date with new designs, but to pass his knowledge on to future generations. It is one of the great universal truths of manhood. It's simply not expected of you womenfolk and thusly, you're just not as practiced at it as we men are. ;)

Tiffiney said...

Hope you are enjoying your week without kids! :)