Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dog Cafe in Myeogndong

Its not what your thinking... We didn't eat dog.  In fact a dog cafe is quite the opposite from eating dog.

A couple years ago, I posted about a bird cafe in Insadong (the traditional area of Seoul).  And only a few months ago, I posted about a "Dr. Fish cafe." Korea is funny like that. They're not an animal society.  That is, that traditionally, they haven't had domestic animals in their tiny apartments. So to compensate, Korea has created "cafes" for people to socialize with animals.  There are bird cafes, fish cafes, dog cafes and cat cafes.  There may be others, but I haven't heard of them.

We recently made our way into Seoul, Myeongdong, to be exact, just for the chance to play with some doggies.  We seriously have doggie fever. We miss having animals around so much, I sometimes throw a sock across the room just to see if Kyle will go fetch it.  If I promise to pet his hair, he'll pretty much do anything I ask. :)

Entering into the dog cafe, the fee is 8,000 won (about 8 bucks) but it comes with a free drink of your choice.  We sat our stuff down at a half eaten bench, but realized that the dogs didn't always come to you.  So we made our way to sitting on the floor.  I made the mistake of taking my green tea latte with me.  Some of the doggies found it and began enjoying my drink too.

After which, Kyle's boot was peed on. Obviously he was desirable territory needing to be marked.

When we sat on the floor, many of the dogs jumped straight into our laps wanting attention.  Many of the dogs however, were quite content taking a nap in their corner, or playing pull the other dogs tail with their friends.

The whole experience was surreal. There were at least 15 dogs out and about playing. A few of them, including an English bulldog became our favorite.  This English bulldog, probably my same weight wanted with every fiber of his being to be a lap dog.  And he didn't let his size put him off this goal.  He moved from person to person any time we kicked him off because our legs had fallen asleep with the weight of him.  He was quite a lovable giant.

We spent a good two hours in the cafe playing, laughing, and having our spirits lifted by the loveliness of the doggies. It was wonderful therapy, something I wish we'd discovered much sooner.

From the Myeongdong subway station walk down the main street.
At the first intersection turn left, toward Uniglo.
Either the first or the second right, turn right.  Just as your turn right you'll see the picture with the doggy on it (on the right handside). (And happy feet behind it)

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