Monday, December 12, 2011

Jeju part 2

Another touring day, this time with clear skies.
Oedolgae Rock - Cool rock with a funny story. According to the giant plaque next to the observation deck, the rock was once disguised as a War General to scare off some would be invaders. The Invaders were so scared by the statue that they turned around and all committed suicide. True story (according to the Koreans)!

Jusangjeolli Cliffs

These crazy looking rocks were formed when liquid hot magma was forced up through tubes underwater. Purty neat we thought and stunningly beautiful! Some Ajimas were selling pineapple on a stick near by. It was so delicious we had to buy 2!

Sanbangsan Mountain 
This was a beautiful mountain with a Buddhist Temple at the top inside a cave with a dripping spring coming down the middle. The water was said to have healing powers. It tasted quite good too!

Next we headed off to the world famous LOVE LAND! This place is carazy! Not a place to bring the kids to. It's crude, it's crass and not the kind of thing you would expect to see in a conservative country like Korea. Perhaps the juxtaposition adds to the entertainment value. If you're open minded enough, there's actually a bit of artistry to the place and even those who don't care much for the "in your faceness" can't help but admire the creativity of some of the sculptures. I would say it's a must see for those with a good enough sense of humor and a high tolerance for deviousness. 

For dinner, we headed downtown. There are several restaurants in the downtown area that are listed in all of the guidebooks. The Mexican restaurant comes highly recommended. For those who have been in Korea, it's pretty much a Dos Tacos with a slight price hike. It is Jeju after all. The place is quite small so expect a wait but the enchiladas were worth it. 

Here is the link to my pictures which is all of the CRAZINESS that is Loveland.

DAY 4 
This was our "chill by the beach" day. The beach outside of our hotel was very pleasant. Small and a bit crowded by midday but what place isn't in Korea? In the evening we rented a Kayak  and cruised around the bay a bit. The water was lovely and the sunset was beautiful.


This was our big adventure day. The tour group had left and we were on our own to make our way to the other hot spots we hadn't hit on the tour. For those ignorant, lazy travelers such as us who stubbornly haven't learned the language, the bus system on Jeju is not Foreigner Friendly just yet. But with my awesome navigational skills and a bit of luck we got going in the right direction. 

Our first stop was Jeongbang Waterfall. It's big, it's beautiful and it was a lovely first stop to our adventure day. The trek getting there took a lot out of us though and since there wasn't much left that we hadn't already seen, we decided to hit the beach one last time. 

We tried to sort out how to catch the bus over to Jungmoon beach. We knew we were close and that there were buses that would take us there. We found the bus stop sign about half a mile down the road and waited a good 45 minutes watching several buses go by on the other street of the intersection but never having one stop at the actual bus stop. You would think someone would have moved the sign. You would think that the bus driver would have thought, "hey, maybe those people standing out in the blazing hot sun are waiting for this bus I'm driving that's supposed to be stopping at that bus stop." You'd be wrong. We finally got fed up with being passed by so the next bus we saw, we chased that sucker down! I had to remind myself that yelling at him wouldn't do any of us a bit of good. 

Alas, we made it there eventually and got dropped off at the Hyatt Regency. One of the nicest, and most expensive hotels on Jeju. It looked absolutely lovely inside however and the pool looked ever so inviting. We seriously considered stealing in for a dip but decided to hit the beach first. The beach was super crowded, surprise surprise and the waves were quite rough at the not so crowded end. But we lounged and had a dip and took a lovely stroll then headed back up to the Hyatt. We walked in like we belonged there and commandeered a few fluffy spa towels to dry off with and changed clothes in the lovely bathrooms. From there we headed back into town for dinner. 

The Baghdad Cafe offers some lovely Indian food. Again, a bit pricey but it's Jeju so it's expected and the ambiance was very nice. Be sure to try the desert. Melts in your mouth! 

Halasan, nearly the death of us. This one deserved a post unto itself. Stay tuned.

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