Friday, December 09, 2011

Orange candle

And yet another pinterest idea come to life is the orange candle.  In Korea, clementines are very popular during the winter season.  I thought oranges were in season in the summer in the states, but what do I know about growing produce; squat.
In the preschool, these tangerines are given often as gifts. They're a delightful snack, but I've found a new use for them in addition to a healthy treat, a candle.

I'm gonna give you the rundown without a picture tutorial, but if you'd like a picture tutorial, you can visit this site.

  • Cut the orange in half (hamburger wise)
  • Gently work your finger inbetween the skin and the pulp.
  • Pull the skin away from the fruit, being careful not to tear the skin.
  • One of the ends will have the wick (the white skin that goes in the middle of the orange)
  • BE VERY CAREFUL not to break this wick.
  • You should have two orange cups now. 
  • In the cup with the "wick" pour olive oil, careful not to wet the entire wick.
  • Cut a hole into the top of the second orange cup.
  • Light the "wick"  (this takes patience, but as long as the olive oil isn't too high or the wick didn't get wet, it will light within a few times)  A lighter is better, but if all you have is matches, plan on using at least three.
  • Put the orange cup with a hole on top and enjoy your natural candle.  It smells delightful and will last a couple of hours.

*Note: Don't leave completely unattended.  This only has happened once but the top of my orange caught on fire (a slow fire) after three hours of burning.

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