Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'd heard about Dr. Fish, but didn't know much about them. Basically Dr. Fish refers to a type of fish who feed on dead skin.  What happens is the patients stick their feet into a tank of these fishies, and these fishes go to work feeding on the dead skin, allowing the new skin to grow. It has its critics as I found out later, but I'm glad we went for the experience.

After finding the coffee cafe, we paid 6,000 won (around $6) for our smoothies and drinks- one per person, and an added $2000 for the Dr. Fish experience. I'd been expecting a spa, or beauty clinic, but instead it was located in a normal, slightly extravagantly priced cafe.  We waited for our turn patiently.  Once beckoned, our feet were cleaned and rinsed, and were directed to the tank of fish in the ground.  The feet swarmed around our feet, softly gnawing at our dead skin.  It felt like tiny suction cups, and made us all scream from the tickling sensations.  Once we found the courage, we made our way to the larger fish tank, where the two inch fish with much larger mouths went to work on our evidently gnarly feet.  These fishies mouths felt more like sandpaper than the smaller guys, and like in the smaller fish tank, we had to work hard not to kick our feet in reaction which greatly disturb the fish.  Kyle was especially funny to watch, as he squealed like a little girl being tickled.  It was great fun, and a strikingly new experience.  I'm not sure how much good they actually did, or if the health benefits are actually what are touted, but I fully enjoyed the experience. There are many places around not only South Korea, but the world which provide these services, but I've listed below the directions to the specific one we visited for those interested in following in our footsteps.

 Gangnam’s Dr. Fish Cafe: 02-599-1210
To get to the Dr. Fish Cafe in Gangnam, go to Gangnam station, exit 6. Walk a few blocks and it is in the building next to Krispy Kreme on the 2nd floor.


Chrissi said...

What an interesting experience!! I don't know that I'd be able to handle it though, I go into a tizzy from a regular pedicure! I'd be squealing right along with Kyle.

Misty said...

Such a cool experience, although I don't think I would be brave enough to stick my feet in the water! The little fish not so bad, but wow the fish in the picture following are BIG! I'd probably panic. My hubby on the other hand prob needs some fish to eat this skin on his feet!

Susie Clevenger said...

What an experience...makes for a great memory...I think it would be fun! lol