Sunday, June 05, 2011

Its coming

The GRE test is in less than a week at this point, and I am in study mode.  I have so many words, and math equations rattling around in my head, I'm afraid that one of two things might happen.  Either my head will explode from a massive influx of knowledge, or words and equations will begin to slowly leak out of my ears.  In the morning, as I'm pushing myself to a sitting position, I have begun the habit of looking around for any stray words that might have landed on the pillow in the night.  Garrulous was one of the first escapees.  It was hiding under my pillow. I've also recently recaptured nascent and avarice, who had made it all the way to the foot of the bed even, but who knows how many others have run to safer ground.  It can't be a very hospitable environment in my brain. (Must be said with a drawl accent and a doltish look) I mean its been years since I've tried to learn my brain some good learning skills.
I haven't been in school since 2005.  I'm sure there's been some brain shrinkage within those years, and the cramming that has preceded the test has been difficult for my brain to handle. If the words and equations don't all fall out before the test, there is also the option that my head will explode.  I can imagine it now.  do dodo do do--- entering the dream world-
My feet are propped up in my studying position against the wall, comfortably lounging in an upright position on our ratty couch.  I'm adorned in my studying clothing- sweatpants, and fuzzy socks. I'm reviewing the root words once again.  I close my eyes because a caustic pain behind my eyes is poignantly throbbing. I rub my eyes and continue, but the pain refuses to abate.  The room begins to blur and now the pain has evolved into a noxious ringing in my ears. Its pitch is so remarkably high, the dogs around the village begin to bark.  I place my hands on my head, and find that my skull is pulsating.  I meekly call out to Kyle.  Thankfully he hears me, and turns around to look at me sparing a second from his video game.  His face melts from one of a perfunctory smile to sheer horror.  "She's going to blow!" he bellows from his vocals, and he runs from the room.  When the explosion actually occurs, I am impervious to the pain.  My conscious has left my body and is floating above the room.  It might have even had popcorn to enjoy the fireworks. The explosion is similar to that of a volcano eruption except instead of flaming, treacherous lava, words, numbers and symbols are flooding out of my head in a wild water fountain of sparkling glitter.  Circumference of a circle=2(pie)r has been splattered on the window. Hyperbole is squeaking down the white wall.  The room is littered in a mush of words and math equations.  They were too much for my brain to handle.
do dod ddooo doo - exiting dream world

I hope neither of these occurrences actually come to be, and that somehow I take the GRE test over my knee and give it a good whopping, dominating every last question, but only time will tell.  For now, however, you will most likely see a paucity of posts, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

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