Monday, June 13, 2011

The GRE wasn't spanked, but at least its over.

I've taken the test.  The dreaded GRE is no longer a part of my daily existence. My goal was to spank that test into Timbuktu, punch it in the face, beat it into a bloody unrecognizable pulp, but I'm afraid I didn't really give it the apposite flouting I'd imagined in my morbid head. In all, I think I studied nearly 100 hours for that test. That's right, for ONE test, and after all of that studying, my hopes, my aspirations of the day were not exactly realized.  I was hoping for ebullience following the test at my triumph from impugning and conquering the noxious GRE once and for all.  However, this wasn't the case.  The GRE is not a tortuous, highly involved probe into students minds.  In fact, its pretty straight forward, so where was the rub? Firstly there were 60 math questions in 60 minutes.  One math question in one minute. I was always good at math in school.  I almost always received A's in my courses.  On the SAT, I scored almost evenly on the verbal and math. But it's been nearly 7 years since I've taken a math class, and although I re-studied the material, I just don't work that fast.  I enjoy math, but the math section of my brain is phlegmatic and moves at inchworm pace rather than superhuman lightening speed as is required for the GRE.  The verbal section of the test however, I felt extremely confident about.  I've crammed probably 600 new words into this aging brain, as you might have noticed by the increased usage of large words in my posts.  I wish I could say that I even feel tenuously confident , but its just not true. I'm afraid to get the scores.  I'm sure my overzealous studying ameliorated my scores, however, my recalcitrant brain refused to corporate and didn't produce the results I desired I'm ashamed to admit.  At least that's my feeling and maybe my expectations were too high, too unattainable.  I didn't fail- if there is such a thing as failing the GRE, but my expectations have been lowered.  Mid July, we shall find out once and for all the truth. Until then, I wait with bated breath, and enjoy my unbridled freedom from studying for a while.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've learned so many new words but they are giving me a headache! =) And at this exhausting period in my life I have no desire or energy to actually look them up to figure out what you are really saying. LOL But I'm glad your test is over and I'm sure you did much better than you think you did. We are our own worst critics. Love you guys and miss you bunches!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I'm sorry Chrissi. I'm sure that I wont be using such large words so frequently once they aren't so prevalent in my mind in the future.