Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Horror flicks

We've really been getting into scary movies recently.  I'm not sure why or how it happened, but the thriller roller coaster has been let out of it's gate, and we've been holding on for dear life since. I've always liked scary movies. Not the slasher kinds, but the ones that get under the skin.  It is tenebrous as to why I even like thrillers since they really frighten me- to the point where I spend a good majority of my time hiding under a blanket. Why would I subject my self to such torture? The answer is nebulous at best.  But I continue to watch them voluntarily without coercion or force from others.  I've listed some of the ones we've been watching below.

This movie is a Swedish psychological thriller.  It has an unusual vampire in it, and isn't really SCARY, it's more strange, intriguing and disturbing. Let the Right One In.  There is also an American version "Let me in." which is VERY similar to the Swedish version.
The Decent and The Decent 2 are British movies to which our British friends have recently introduced us.  Basically the story is that a group of women descend into a cave get lost, and come upon "a surprise." This movie is frightening and very well done.  It's frightening without the surprise. And the sequel is not bad. I rather liked it.

Eden Lake is another British horror flick which has an unusual foe, a gang of children.  It's kinda like "Lord of the Flies" with a British accent and probably a bit crueler.

Paranormal Activity 1 We saw last year with a group of Koreans and foreigners in our apartment. Afterwards, no one wanted to leave. They were too frightened to go back to their own apartments.  Let's just say that it did the job of frightening the bageeseeis out of me.  Paranormal 2 was not as good, but decent. I wasn't quite as scared, but that kind of made it a more enjoyable watching experience.

Misery (1999) is an older movie my Irish friend recommended. A man is trapped in a snowstorm, and is discovered and rescued by a woman who happens also to be a nurse.  He's thankful to her for her treatment, until he realizes that she's his biggest fan (he's a famous writer) and she doesn't want to let him go.

Troll 2 is NOT a scary movie, although that was it's intention. If you look on IMDB, it has a 2.2/10 rating. There's a documentary made about this movie called, "the best worst movie."  Basically, it's so terribly made, its hilarious.  We watched it, not for the scare factor, but for the comedy. The title is Troll 2, but there aren't any Trolls, only goblins. All of the lead actors were applying for extra positions, and the Italian directors didn't speak English so all directions was done with sign language.  The makings for a "FANTASTIC film."

The Orphanage   is a Spanish film.  Once again, this one is less scary, and more of just a psychological thriller.  VERY good. I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.  There are ghosts involved, but they aren't so frightening.

So there you have our recent Scary movie season.  What good thrillers and or scary movies have you watched lately. What do you recommend?


Lindsey said...

I love a good horror flick! I'm a big fan of Let the Right One In and Misery. The Descent is certainly on my list, but I've heard it's not something you should watch by yourself! Good list :)

Peter and Leslie said...

Wow, a few of those I would never watch in a million years. I can't stomach horror movies like I used to. However, I do like the ones that have a more "psychological thriller" bent. The Changeling is really good. It's the older version with George C. Scott. Peter and I really liked it. We considered watching it when you all came to visit in SLC but Jennifer didn't want to. Watch it and tell me what you think!

Peter and Leslie said...

Also, Vanessa, no one knows what tenebrous means. For the benefit of those of us who are simpletons and did not recently sit for the GRE, link up to dictionary.com. :o)

K? Thx!


Vanessa Rogers said...

Good idea- I'll try and link up the especially archaic words to dictionary.com. We've actually watched both of those recently, the new and the old. I was quite scared in the older version. And I really liked it. The new version is completely different and not a horror film at all, but pretty good as well.