Saturday, April 09, 2011

When all else fails

I have put little time into the blog lately as anyone can see from the glaring lack of posts this month. However, when all else fails, pictures of my adorable students can always suffice as an adequate filler until I sit down and actually take time to write something other than, "isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen." 

Friday was a busy fun day in the land of the (korean age) five year old class.  We played handbells, which was ULTRA confusing, as the handbell colors were the wrong color for the Wii handbell game.  "Jinu- your bell is red, but you need to ring when you see the green handbell, got it, not the red one." "No, jearom, your white, not green." 
When your kids are just starting to learn their colors, and the colors don't match the screen, you can be sure that chaos will rein, and the urge to ring the hand bell at any moment in time just for the fun of it, will be the main chorus of music.  Maybe to some it qualifies as music, but in my world, it does not.

After handbells, we made a fun project.
What one needs to make the most awesome sucker person!
1. paper cup
2. sucker
3. googly eyes
4. q-tips
5. pipe cleaner.
6. markers
7. sissors
Now, when I say "we" made the sucker people, I mean that the kids sit there, while Cindy and I make their activity.  Why? Well, for starters they couldn't hot glue the googly eyes, nor the pipe cleaner hair on.  I mean I guess technically they could, but that probably woldn't be a very responsible move. Nor could they poke holes in their cups to stick the suckers in the top to act as the head or the q-tips in on the sides for the arms. 
What could they do? They picked the color of their cup, in English mind you!  They picked the color of their sucker and the color of the hair.  They were also able to color the cup with their markers, while Cindy and I furiously ran around trying to glue and poke everyone's sucker people to satisfaction.

In the end, I think everyone was happy with their final project.

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bettyl said...

Looks like a great day for the little ones, even if a bit confusing! The other project brought a lot of smiles! Lovely photos.