Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trick Art Museum

 A friend of ours (a Korean friend) recently found a group deal to a trick art exhibit.  I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, but it sounded fun and was going to cost us only about 6 bucks.  "Yea, sounds great!" I said

The day started out with rain, which explains my boots and umbrella, however despite or maybe because I wore rain gear, it didn't rain the rest of the day.

The museum itself is free to guests everyday, but their exhibits, such as the one we visited cost mula. It was a very Korean exhibit, and when I say Korean, I mean because Koreans love to take pictures of themselves.  Now, I am aware, that I have absolutely no room to judge as my camera seems to be out taking way too many photos ALL of the time, but this museum, well, let's just say, if you didn't bring a camera, it wouldn't be worth even the six bucks. It was all about the camera, all about the pictures.  The exhibit were "3D" pictures in which the viewer was encouraged to insert themself in the painting.

There was a magic show (all in Korean) with silly music and a bad magician, and even a caricature artist who wasn't very good.  And don't get me started on the "3D" show.  Only if you sat smack in the middle did you see "3D" which I did not, so instead, I saw two of everything even with my silly glasses.

But we had fun with our friends, and as I enjoy taking photos, even though the lighting they had set up were awful and washed out everything, it was a very enjoyable day.

this one was by far the coolest. Can you spot me?

Oh no, kyle's being run over!

escaping from a painting.

in an upside down house.

falling through the sky

the gator is eating me!

save the building!

funny mirrors

and of course kyle's favorite part- weapons!


The Houstons said...

I looooooved this post Vanessa! How fun! OMG...Jon would be like a little kid in a candy store in a museum like that! Too funny!

You know, we're in Germany till about March guys should make a stop over...since you seem to be quite the world travelers!

sharon said...

My office staff was all really impressed with this museum. We all sit in our offices and live our adventures through you two.

As Mayin, my friend said, "well, now I've seen Korea, what other countries are we going to see?"