Monday, April 25, 2011

cherry blossom festival 2011

This is my third spring in Korea, and each year, the cherry blossoms are the emblem which signifies that winter has officially left. That doesn't mean that the cold weather is entirely absent from this icy country, but it is definitely on its way out.  This year, we had planned to meet up with friends in Seoul for some bike riding around Yeoido Park, however once we got there, and realized that every single Korean had the same idea, we decided to lay low and just enjoy the fresh air.  It was delightful to just sit and watch the masses of Koreans biking, running, putting out fires in a trash bin, or whatever their chosen activity of the day.  And of course we took beaucoups of photos.

sitting at the park.  Look at my purple feet.

Kyle was trying for a cartwheel.  It wasn't so great!


Karen said...

Purple feet!

Congratulations on making it to spring! For some reason, we are still in winter. :( I don't know what's taking it so long to end already.

Warren Baldwin said...

Neat pics. Looks like a cool place.