Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maru and the too small box

One of my friends shared this video on facebook.  Evidently, this is not this cat's first debut.  In fact, Maru is pretty darn famous.  Why is a cat famous, you may ask? This cat likes boxes. Nay, this cat has infatuation, an obsession, a compulsion if you will, with anything box like.  Most cats like boxes, it's pretty much in their genetic make-up.  Somewhere in their DNA there is a box gene along with the queen of Sheba gene, which can be found right next to the catnip gene.  But this cat has taken that gene, mutated it a few hundred times and has now exploits what some might consider an obsessive compulsive disorder to entertain thousands of followers.
His first video is classically entertaining as the boxes are of normal size.  However, the owner, using his cat as a willing participant in his research project, has set out boxes of extremely small sizes to see how small is too small for Maru.  Turns out, there isn't a box too small for Maru.  You can go to Youtube and  Watch here. 
Also, check out some of his other videos. There are lots of them. (The owner isn't a native English speaker so the title is not exactly perfect, grammatically speaking, hence the blog title)

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