Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bucket List

We had a highly unproductive weekend last weekend.  Kyle had a sinus infection so in turn we became sloths.  I did  get to re-vamp the blog a little if you haven't already notice.  Blogger has changed quite a bit and I felt like I was back at square one in the learning curve.  I added tabs, which took quite a bit of time.  They aren't finished, but feel free to check them out as they took me way too much time to figure out.  I felt like my mom, randomly punching buttons until something worked. With some of the new formating of blogger the header wouldn't stay in its designated location, the center.  Instead it wandered over to the left side of the screen to check out the buzz over there.  Like an unruly child causing much anxiety on my part and probably on Kyle's part when I started yelling in tongues. It took at least one hour of trouble shooting just for that one aspect.  My clogged and snotty prince came to the rescue with an HTML code fix and a comb to brush out the Eagle sized birds nest I had developed while anxiety ridden.  What do you other bloggers do to learn these tricks.  Does it take you HOURS as well, or is that just me?

In other news, Kyle and I started to work on a Bucket List.  (Together)  There are a few individual items that I will try and mark with our individual initials.  Despite Kyle being grumpy because of his achy body and spinning head, it was fun putting this list together.  There are more K's than V's, but I think that is because I was writing the list and unless Kyle said, "HECK NO" I included him on the things I wrote down.

In no particular order:

1.     Become fluent in Spanish
2.     Do something nice for parents
3.     Run a half marathon (V) and run a full marathon (K)
4.     See a pink dolphin
5.     See a tornado (K)
6.     Make a quilt from old t-shirts
7.     Learn how to sew better
8.     Learn the Piano
9.     Train my vocal cords to sound like singing
10.   Make a wicked Haunted House for Halloween
11.   Hold a monkey or Koala
12.   Publish a novel
13.   Shoot a bazooka (k)
14.   Design and have our own house built
15.   Help at least one person in a significant way
16.   Give $1million to charity
17.   See the Northern Lights
18.   Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
19.   Go to the Galapagos Islands
20.   See Victoria Falls
21.   See Niagra Falls
22.   See the Grand Canyon
23.   Travel Asia
24.   Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
25.   Camp in Big Bend Texas
26.   Go to the Festival of Colors in India
27.   See the Golden Gate Bridge
28.   See Bob Dylan and/or Willy Nelson in concert (K)
29.   Own a beach home
30.   Become financially literate
31.   Become financially free
32.   Raise a happy and healthy family
33.   Create an inviting home
34.   Own and breed dogs
35.   Meet a distant relative
36.   Go on a safari
37.   Have a wrap-around porch
38.   Host Christmas
39.   Own a peace maker (k)
40.   Collect on of every class of sword and 100 knives (k)
41.   Try a truffle
42.   Milk a cow
43.   Own goats/sheeps or alpacas (This was a surprise by Kyle)
44.   Be a professor
45.   Start or working closely with a charity
46.   Have a ranch house (I guess this goes along with the goats thing)
47.   Have a carbon neutral or positive home
48.   Meet Bono (K)
49.   Have an art show
50.   See the Great Wall of China
51.   See the Kremlin in Russia
52.   Experience weightlessness
53.   Ride the 10 best rollercoasters of the world
54.   Go skydiving (V)
55.   Learn a martial art
56.   Have a black belt (K)
57.   Have a concealed handgun license
58.   Ride in a hot air balloon (v)
59.   Be a lead in a community theater play (v)
60.   Own a 1957 Chevy sky blue convertible corvette (k)
61.   Discover my perfect job/career
62.   Invent something
63.   Figure out how to work only part time
64.   Scuba in Hawaii
65.   Island hop in a sailboat
66. See a blue whale
67. Visit all 7 continents.
68. See the Taj Mahal.
69. Get a graduate degree (v)
70. Own our own business and/or restaurant.


SherilinR said...

i totally relate to changing my blog around. i kind of don't like changing it just because sometimes i get really frustrated & then it seems like i should have just left it alone.
i like your list! i made one about 15 years ago & every few years i find it & cross off a couple more.

Karen said...

I love your list! I love that you even made a bucket list in your mid-20s!

You can cross #21 off the list by coming to visit us again, then driving the 4ish hours out to Niagara Falls. It's really close to Toronto too!

Or, you could just move closer to me and we could knock out #6, #7, #9, #32, #33, #61, and #63 together.

And, you can knock #64 off next month!

Peter and Leslie said...

I haven't really noticed the changes on blogger. I never really pay attention. But I had no idea what you were talking about. Where are your tabs?

I like the list! I have some of the same on my list too. Like owning a peacemaker. I've dreamt about that since I was knee high to a ladybug.


McManis said...

Great List! Wonderful looking couple! Thanks for leaving comment!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I don't think we will scuba in Hawaii because we aren't certified yet. We would have to do another discover scuba course and that wouldn't be as fun. We will see though. But maybe you should move closer to us (into a less cold climate) so we can do those things together :)

The tabs are directly under the picture. When I am home I can show you some of the changes. There is one that allows you upload multiple photos at once. It is mind blowing!! I would also like to see your bucket list so we can compare.

Pam said...

Visiting from BPOTW. Love the list. Especially all the travel items and owning a beach house. Those are two of my goals as well. But I think the thing I love most about your list is that you made it together. A Couples Bucket List. How fun for the two of you to work on your goals and dreams together.

bettyl said...

Good luck on that list!

Most of the blogger things take me a while to figure out, but I get there in the end. You are doing a great job redesigning your blog!

LC Hunt said...

I loved reading your "About Us" page ... very sweet and such an incredible life you two have. We have a lot of similarities according to what you have on your bucket list.

Ah, I no longer have the desire for #11 ... don't know what happened, it just left me.

Thanks for stopping my - it's great to meet you through your blog. I am now following. Hugs & Blessings