Thursday, November 25, 2010


Part 1 of several posts on Boracay!

Our small jet landed at the outside airport which resembled a parking lot more so than airport.  Upon arrival, we were picked up by, what looked to me, the perfect example of a cabana boy. We were put in a motorcycle- makeshift cab doohickey and taken to a boat dock.  After the short boat ride in which all passengers were instructed to wear the bulky life vests, we took another ride in a different motorcycle cab thingy until the road became pedestrian only and we walked the rest of the way to our hotel.

My first impression, while driving through the city, was shock at the poverty; dilapidated shacks , children playing in the dirt wearing very little but a ragged dress, and men smoking outside dark shops amid green jungle-like trees. Sometimes it is hard to tell if  people in tropical climates are poor or just don't wear a lot of clothing since the humidity and heat act as enough clothing in itself.  It is never a pleasant experience witnessing hardship but a part of me didn't feel as bad as I might for the people impoverished on one of the most beautiful islands on Earth.  It's not that I don't pity their situation, but I mean really, if your gonna be poor, it might as well be in a place where the water is amazingly turquoise and shimmers in the sunlight, the sand kernels are white and soft as fur and the atmosphere thrums the mood of tranquility on it's bongos.

Our hotel was one that I would recommend in a heart beat.  It is towards the end of the beach, where the parties are basically non-existent. For those looking for nightlife directly underfoot, the Blue Mango is not the hotel your looking for.  With a scuba shop attached to the side, it serenades its visitors to take a nap, sip a drink and enjoy the activity of relaxing.  We were greeted with an extremely sweet mango drink and directed to our garden room which was later exchanged to the ocean view family room!  Heaven!
the view from the hotel restaurant.

the garden view
Any beach is incomplete without hammocks to lounge in.
After walking the beach and exploring the sights, we decided the next line of action should be to have massages.  So we had our long massages under a canopy, listening to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore.  I am not a massage connoisseur, so maybe I can't properly judge, but I thoroughly enjoyed the massage.   We then settled down on the beach for our first drinks in Boracay.  Now, here, I have a small complaint.  You would think, in a tourist destination such as Boracay, with happy hours sometimes starting as early as 10 am, that somewhere on this island, there would be bars who could actually make a decent mojito or pina colada.  But either, they figured no one would notice the lack of mint leaves or the lack of pineapple juice or no one the island could make a good drink.  But this is a small complaint for an overall amazing trip.
Where we got our massages

A view of the shopping side of the beach

Anyone else find this sign funny?

The water was magnificent

The beginnings of a beautiful sunset.

Our first drink.

Kyle took this picture.

Having some romantic time!

the sunset was unbelievable!

One of the many vendors on the island.  p.s. that is not a tattoo on his arm but an arm band, I guess to keep him cooler.

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