Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Russians and the obstacle course

You thought we were done with the Russians didn't you? Well... I have been for two weeks, but I have been slow at editing videos. If you haven't noticed the blog is not exactly chronological. I put things up when I get around to it.
In fact, we have one last video yet of the Russians- their drama. So exciting isn't it!

As I have stated before, Russians and Koreans are not the same breed. I'm not sure they are even from the same planet, but that is a whole other topic for another day. One striking difference, is their need for physical activity. At one point in Korean history, the typical Korean spent most of their day farming outside under the blazing sun. This was of course before the technology bubble burst in Korea, contaminating all matter south of Seoul into a technology making factory. This technology contagion sent Koreans indoors, set them in chairs in front of a P.C. and turned them into gaming robots. Unless I am proposing soccer, the option of outdoors is clearly out of the picture for my Korean students. I one time had a girl say, hopefully jokingly but I am not sure, "teacher, too much green!" after we had gone outside for fresh air. The Russian students on the other hand were having a difficult time going to sleep at night from lack of physical exertion so it was deemed that they have obstacle course day at the random ropes course in the mountains right near us. This is the video of our day with the Russians at the obstacle course.

And pictures. I felt a little ridiculous in my overload of technology when following my students around with not only a camera with two lenses but also a video camera.

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Alex Chandler said...

oh my! you look like you get to have a lot of fun and go on many adventures!!

I'm jealous! xD