Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pirates of English Village

This is the long awaited drama video from my Russian students. Although we practiced in the classroom more than my students liked and more than the allotted time, the students never got practice with the microphones, which means the person running the microphones also didn't practice. Unfortunately in our play, the actors performances were nothing short of stunning (says the slightly biased director :) ), and yet, hardly anyone in the audience could hear what we was being said. Despite that slight hiccup of no one actually knowing what was going on in the play except for me and the actors, I was incredibly proud of my students. I chopped up the video quite a bit and only gave you tidbits of the major parts, but I will give you a run down of the story line so that you can follow along.

The characters are as follows:
Wendy- long brown hair
Tinkerbell- blond hair shorty
Jack Sparrow- white pirate shirt
The captain of the ship- yellow shirt
Peter Pan- girl in the green German looking pants
Captain Hook- red Jacket
crocodile- the dragon looking little guy on the side.
And other pirates and crew.

The storyline:

The Captain is having a birthday party
Tinkerbell keeps trying to get Wendy married off- Wendy says Peter Pan is too young
Wendy thinks Jack Sparrow is handsome but Tinkerbell disapproves.
Captain Hook crashes the party and demands to marry Wendy.
She refuses.
She spends two days in the brigg.
As Wendy is about to walk the plank, Peter Pan and Jack Sparrow rush in a save the day.
Jack Sparrow, instead of asking Wendy to marry him asks Tinkerbell.
Wendy in a furry jumps in the water and happens to save Captain hook who is being chased by the crocodile.
Wendy then proposes to Captain Hook whom she has refused for the entire play.
They are married as well.
Peter Pan is furious and jumps in the water to plan a revenge with the crocodile. Fun is had by all!

The students really enjoyed the play, as did I. And for the first time since being here, I nearly cried when my students left. I really loved teaching those kids. They were a fun bunch of enthusiastic kids, and I already miss them. I hope you enjoy them (at least their video) as well.

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sharon said...

Nessa Dear,

Your video does not play. Instead a message comes on about a previously uploaded video. I would very much like to see the video.

Your Mama