Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jazz Festival

We went to a Jazz Festival about a month ago. I like jazz more than Kyle does, but even I can't listen to it unless it is live, especially the non-melodic spouts that go on for eternity moving, swirling and circling but never actually going anywhere. When we arrived at the festival, the boys were starved. Well, everyone was hungry, but the boys might have begun envisioning our arms as large steaks had we not sent them off to fetch food. I assumed, wrongly, there would be vendors nearby or at least a kimbap (sushi roll) place, but as there was not, there was only one thing to do- send the boys- who might have turned King Kong on us had we not. But instead of finding somewhere nearby, they were gone for forty-five minutes and brought back Pho. Now I love pho (vietnamese soup with noddles), but I don't consider it an excellent picnic food. And I was frustrated because they were gone so long they missed, in my opinion, the best band at the festival. They arrived in time for the crazy sprouting, winding, thorny jazz which drives Kyle mad. Because Kyle missed the French jazz band with a melody, I recorded one of their songs. I hope you enjoy it. And I wish I could tell you the name of the band, but I can't because I don't know it. If anyone happens to know, I would love to look them up.

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