Sunday, July 04, 2010

Korean Island Beach trip (part duex)

lunch time: After setting up our camps, smearing beacoups of sunscreen over our pasty bodies, we begin preparations for lunch- hamburgers. It has been so long since I have had a hamburger. Heaven does exist and it is called grilled hamburger.

After lunch: Laying around soaking up the suns rays and watching the tide slink away was obviously the next step after stuffing our stomachs so full of meaty goodness. I have never seen a tide recede as far as this one. When does it stop?

Later: Clam digging! Someone hands me a small pick and says that we are clam digging?
"how can we tell where to dig?" I ask
"Look for holes." I am told
"Any hole?"
"I guess, no one really knows."

I aimlessly walk around looking for holes in the sand for about thirty minutes . Some people are digging massive holes as they don't know how to find these ellusive clams.

One guy brings us four clams he has just dug up.

The rest of us who have been wandering around hopelessly stare aghast!
"how?" we stammer

He shows us his method and within a minute he has yet another clam!
"Amazing!" we exclaim like small children dumbfounded by a magic trick.

Once the trick is mastered, I feel like a detective on the hunt. One, two three clams. Spot a microscopic hole. Dig like a dog burring it's bone until the water spills in. Feel around for the squirmy fella. Gotcha! Another in the bucket. I am now a clam digging aficionado! Four, five, six. I have lost count by now.

Nap time: I crawl under the shade of my tent and take my siesta. Kyle is off finding firewood for tonight's bonfire.

Wakey wakey time: The sun is having a hard time keeping it's golden eyes open by the time I wake. After searching for the hubs, we walk towards the designated sunset cliff. It's beautiful!

Din din: Spaghetti in my tum tum is delish!

Bonfire: The fire is untamed, but the heat has escaped into the vacuum with the sun. Frosty air has taken it's place. The temperature on this island is like night and day... oh wait... it changed with the night and day. Hee hee...I made a funny.

We go to bed earlier than normal, not without peeing behind the rocks in the designated pee spot. I wonder how many people have peed back here. I hope I'm not standing in someone's pee right now. Ewwwww..

Morning: Breakfast of champions... pancakes and sausage. I make mine into a pig in a blanket. AND we have REAL maple syrup! Heaven!

Hike time: Kyle and I go exploring the beach, but we are deterred in our mission by jagged rocks and our unwillingness to climb them all. So we attempt a photo shoot. 30 pictures later and very few "good" shots later, we walk back towards our camp site.

Around 2pm: We have to leave now. Boo! I don't want to leave. I don't want to go back to work! You can't make me!!

Unfortunately however, I am not writing this post from the beach. In fact, we did have to return. But this is not the last the beach will hear from us. We are on a break for the time being while I perform my responsible duty as a teacher, but soon, we will be back. Expect us at every turn!

In case you didn't see the video: You can watch it here.

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Eva Gallant said...

What a beautiful beach and a beautiful day. Looks like a fun time. Just stopped by to visit from best posts of the week.