Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What happens without A.C.?

The simple answer: We melt !

Hot air rises. It creeps up the carpeted stairs, and wriggles it's way up to the tippity top, until there is no where else for it to go. The air molecules physically change once they find themselves on the fourth floor, the place where we live and attempt to sleep. It as if, they go wild once they realize they have no where else to climb to, and frantically search each nook and cranny for an escape route to some higher place. The air maddens as it bounces from wall to wall, sweating profusely and finding nothing. As we walk up the stairs, the air noticeably changes from warm to hot to unbearable. It is like walking into a wall of mobilized, demented and inflamed air molecules looking for someone to inflict suffering. And suffer we do. The balcony would be a wonderful reprieve if the mosquitoes weren't also searching for victims in hordes. One of our favorite activities is to sit on the balcony in the evening sipping wine and enjoying the breeze, however, we have recently had unwelcomed company. I, armed my body with repellent last time we sat on the balcony, only have two new bites to my name, however the rest of the folks suffered major causalities in upwards of 30 or more bites a piece. But before you casually blow off those measly two bites, I can assure you, my few bites were ferocious. So incensed in fact that they swole to 2 inches in diameter.

In the evening I lay in bed, with as few clothes as I can manage, praying for a breeze, a slight movement of the air. Trickles of salt water tickle my neck as they run their course downwards. My body softens in the heat, like an apple in an oven, and slowly the molecules break down into mush and finally liquid. I am no longer in solid form, but liquid Vanessa. I slide into the creases of the comforter I have on the bed for extra cushioning, slipping and sloshing as I become a river within the wrinkles of the yellow comforter. I imagine this happening, as the night air refuses to release the heat, but the savage stinging and itching caused by my monstrous mosquito bites bring me back to solid form.

Our A.C. should be fixed within the week, but by then I might actually have melted only to evaporate into thin air.


LadyFi said...

Love your description of feeling hot! Pretty hot and humid here too!

Anonymous said...

You poor baby! I thought the second floor of MY house was bad, even with a/c, but it's nothing to what you describe! It's so hard to sleep when you're that hot! But, I must admit, your last picture made me laugh! Hope the a/c is fixed soon!

Peter and Leslie said...

I love your imagery in this post. Vanessa, I don't mean to brag since you're so hot there but we haven't even had to turn on our AC here! And its July! I'm loving it! (But sorry you're so hot...:o( )