Thursday, July 30, 2009

In which I look like I have the plague

So we went to the beach... because after all that is what you do when you are AT THE BEACH! And I put on sunscreen, twice, in three hours.

But I still look like this:

I think the problem was during the re-application process, but one can't be too sure about these things. You see, after laying on our towels basking in the sun and attempting to ignore the overly fit people who made us feel inadequate, we went into the ocean to play. The wind was really strong, and so was the undercurrent so after a while we went back to the land to dry off.

Kyle and I wanted to to build a sandcastle.

We wanted it to look something like this:
or this

but instead it turned out more like this:

or this:

except we adorned it with a spiny rope I found in the ocean probably broken off from a pirate ship blown off after a cannon fight. Either that or it was sent from a deserted island to alert someone of their presence and their need for assistance. Those are the two most likely possibilities for that rope. It had spines and other green things growing on it as proof of it's long voyage from the pirate ship and/or deserted island. And as an extra addition we added pineapple leaves from a pineapple we found floating in the ocean half eaten by birds. Our sandcastle did have a mote however- which was our main achievement. Either way, it wasn't a sandcastle to be proud of. I wish I had had my camera so I could share our sad castle with you but we didn't bring it because wind, sand and nice a camera unprotected are not always a good combo.

But back to THE PLAGUE...

After we returned from frolicking in the ocean, I decided to air dry before re-applying. I did this while building the castle aka blob, which resulted in my entire body being crusted in sand. I couldn't use our towels as they were also covered in sand. So I then attempted to re-apply with the sand. I do think I succeeded in a proper exfoliation of 6 of my 7 layers of skin, but I don't know how much of the sunscreen made it to my skin and how much was lost to the sand and excess water. As you can see by the pictures above, the application process failed somewhere. It doesn't help that I am Casper. Kyle is so florescent white that his skin reflects the sunlight somewhere else and somehow escapes the burning caused from the suns evil rays.

Morals of the story:

Our sand castle sucked. We need more practice

White people weren't made for the sun. Especially those who look like Casper.

And I look like I have the plague but not to fear, it's not contagious.


Margaret said...

This was a great post:) I also try to make great sandcastles but they never turn out nicely

BPOTW said...

Oh, dear! I hope it doesn't feel as bad as it looks! Really!!
And, as for the sandcastles, they look that good in the kids' minds, so that works for me!