Friday, July 17, 2009


Some of you may know this by now as the cat's been let out of the bag, but for those of you still in the dark, I AM HOME. Home as in Texas. No one get toooo excited as this is not a permanent move back home, but I will most likely be here for a few months. So to answer some of your questions:

Being away from your husband for 7 months is WAY too long. I love my husband and never wanted to be away from him for even a day and it was decided that we should no longer be apart.

Wait.. Why?:
Basically the school said that they could no longer hold Kyle's position for him and their wouldn't be another opening until probably October, maybe earlier. I sat down one day to discuss my expiring contract with my boss one morning when she broke the news. I could either choose voluntarily to be without my husband for three months or I could leave at the end of my contract which was the following week.

Who did you tell?
Kyle and people at my school. But because it all happened so fast, and unexpectedly, we decided to keep mum about it and surprise the folks at home. SURPRISE!

How did it feel seeing Kyle for the first time?
Honestly, it was really weird. You know the feeling when you look in a mirror and you don't recognize yourself, that was what it was like seeing Kyle for the first time when I was stepping off the plane. He seemed almost like a stranger to me, a stranger that I non-the-less couldn't stop kissing or hugging and wouldn't let go of. I had seen him several times a week when we would use skype so it wasn't as if I hadn't seen his new hair cut (which is SHORT) or didn't remember what he looked like, but seeing someone on a computer screen and seeing someone in real life are two entirely different things.

How do you feel?
I was excited coming home to Kyle and I am glad to see family and friends, but in all honesty, I feel emotionally numb. It wasn't how I wanted things to work out and I don't think I felt emotionally prepared for it all. The last time we unexpectedly had to come home for Grandma Dee Dee's funeral, I felt the same way, dulled, like my nerves had been shocked into submission.

How was your flight?
Excruciatingly long. I bought the ticket less than a week before departure so it was a)more expensive than I would have liked and b) had two layovers both 4 hours long! I left the school at 7:30am Monday morning in a taxi to get the airport bus for my 11:30 am flight. I arrived in San Antonio at 11:30 pm Monday evening which was the equivalent to 1:30 pm Tuesday in South Korea. So that is approx. 30 hours of traveling. But I was thankful for the most part that there few hiccups except for on the last stretch. My last flight was delayed for two hours because a coffee maker was leaking? And after we landed, I met with my stranger husband, we had gathered my bags and got in the car he handed me what looked similar to my baggage claim but he didn't tell me what it was, and I didn't ask, as I was a)exhausted and b) a little distracted reacquainting with my husband. However when we pulled up to the gate to pay the parking fee, Kyle asked me where I put the ticket. I had a vague memory of putting it in the car handle, but it was no longer there and was no where to be found. So we backed up and searched for it for a good ten minutes. I mean I didn't eat the ticket so I don't know where it could have gone. We decided after a long and fruitless search that we would pay the lost ticket fee. But... the insurance card and drivers license didn't match which is required for paying the lost ticket fee. They told us that we could call the owner but Kyle's phone isn't working and they wouldn't let us use their phone. "I can't let you take this vehicle out of this parking lot." said the unhelpful supervisor who then proceeded to go inside to play solitaire rather than try to help us. We looked some more throughout the car and on the pavement but after another ten minutes decided to try our luck again with a different agent whom luckily didn't noticed the name discrepancy and let us through, nearly an hour after I had arrived.

What are you plans?
We are trying to find a cheap get away for the two of us for the short term, any suggestions anyone? And as for the long term, that is undetermined.

Our first picture taken together since being back. We went to see Harry Potter, can you tell?


Karen said...

Wow! Vanessa, I'm sorry your plans never quite worked out, but I'm sure Texas (and Kyle, and your mom, etc.) are glad to have you home!! I hope you get back into the routine of being together again and are able to catch up on lost time. (wink wink)

Did Kyle cut his hair short again just so that he wouldn't have to go back for another haircut anytime in the next 12 months? Because personally, I like long-hair Kyle better. With a cowboy hat, of course.

Rachael said...

How cute y'all are, Harry Potter fiends! I agree that Kyle is cuter with long hair though.

That's a lot of travel Vanessa. How long did you sleep after all that? That's just.. wow.

I suppose this is too obvious, but go to the beach! I know it is high season but just go, show up, knock on hotel doors and beg for mercy. I've always wanted to do that. My friend stayed at Beach Lodge last-minute style last week and said her (admittedly tiny) room was $69/night. You won't be doing anything in there but sleeping anyway! (I've never stayed there but I have been to their 'restaurant' (ha) they have cheap shrimp baskets and an awesome view from their deck)

I'm going to Port A in 2 weeks. if you end up there at that time call me I will buy you guys a drink. Fo sho.

Love you both lots

Chrissi said...

I can't believe you're back and no one told us! I'm so so sorry your plans didn't work out like you had planned but remember God has his own plan for all of us and sometimes we have no clue what it is or why it's going the way it's going...but Someone knows, so don't sweat it.
I'm so glad you had a safe trip sorry about your travel delays and that dang parking ticket though! What a way to start your first day back! I hope you and Kyle are spending some much needed quality time together. I second the above suggestion of the beach...if you can't afford a hotel camp on the beach! We went down for 2 days last month and it did us a world of good. I am already itching to go back. Anyway, after y'all get your fill of each other in seclusion I hope you will grace us with your presence. You have a new cousin to meet after all! (and I can drink again! Bring on the wine!) Love you both SO much, and so glad you are back (even for a short time). Give us a call.

Chrissi said...

Oh, almost forgot....everyone seems to be focused on Kyle's short haircut... But let me tell you, I'll take anything over the RAT TAIL he had when he was a kid! You look great cuz!

Lorie Miller said...

Eee Eee Eee! I love you both!

Christy said...

Hey Banana, sorry I haven´t been in touch and also sorry to hear things didn´t work out as planned.
I´m sure there are worse places for you to be than with Kyle though and at least now you can start to plan things together again. Your Princess days have just begun... :D
Take care hun and keep in touch. xx

Elizabeth said...

That's crazy! I'm glad you're finally able to be back with him. You're so very strong for going through all those months apart, but surely the best place to be is together.

Cheap visit? Austin! ;)

But seriously, all those beach ideas sounds great, or maybe a bed and breakfast in the Hill Country.

If you ever come up here, let me know! I'd love to meet for a meal and hear all the Korea stories!

bettyl said...

I hope you enjoy your time with hubby!

Sometimes we never know the impact we have even when we think things are totally messed up!

dddiva said...

Stopping by again from BPOTW- wow I can't even imagine, hope things go smoother for you now. Love the HP pics.