Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ever feel like this?

This picture is the epitome of how I feel right now. I don't thrive on drama like some people, I don't even like drama,. I prefer things to be easy and uncomplicated. I don't even like it when there is too much drama in the lives of TV characters, I cover my eyes or hide behind a chair. I love to lie on my back staring up at the starry night feeling the peace and wonder of simplicity. But sometimes life has other plans than your own. Sometimes as your minding your own business finding your way along the yellow brick road, life hands you, a tiny bird, a spool of black thread and says, "move this tree from here to there, good luck." Is it worth it? Should one even strive for what seems like the impossible? I guess that is the ultimate question. Is it better just to walk away, or keep pulling at the thread?(Painting by Laura McCabe)


Rachael said...

Vanessa- Life is what happens when you're busy making plans.

I say, make the most of it.

Love you.

PS the picture breaks my heart. And also, it is beautiful. Oh, the dichotomy. {{hugs}}

RCaitlin said...

I would totally just fly away if I were the bird!

micahd said...

cut the tree down