Sunday, January 04, 2009

Revisiting 2008 (through photos)

November 2007- (Isn't the title 'Revisiting 2008"? But 2007 has relevance in this post because I say it does, therefore it is included) Kyle and I return from teaching English in Chile. We can't even begin describe how excited we were to be back for Thanksgiving!!
December 2007- Take jobs as segway tour guides of beautiful historical San Antonio. I must say, it was a pretty kick butt job, as it took very little effort, we rode on segways around downtown SA meeting and chatting with new folks from all over the world for a living. It was easy, fun, and well paid . What more could you ask for in a temporary job?
-Also we rediscover the beauty of Texas by taking a trip with the Grojeans into Historical
Gruene. A quaint little city with awesome tubing (riding down a river on a rubber tire during the hot summer months) and a famous restaurant with some of the best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas.
- On the negative side, crap goes down at UT and we figure out that our plans to leave for South Korea in March are foiled.

Me on a Segway tour (with the Grojean family)

San Antonio in all it's glory and Christmas lights.
The Riverwalk.

In training for Christmas Lights tour of San Antonio. It was freezing cold that night, and sleeting/raining as you can tell from the splotchy photo.

Jen and me in front of the Gruene dance hall. (Notice our clothing in December)

The Grojean girls advertising Shiner Beer, the beloved Texas beer made in Shiner Texas. But seriously, what a great picture, this should be an advertisement.

January 2008- Pretty uneventful... I can't even think of something interesting to talk about here.
February- We decide to become part-time bartenders and go to bartending school. However, after the school, we made a frightful mistake of being hired my Rainforest Cafe. It was literally only a block away from the Segway office, and also had daytime, non-smoking shifts. It sounded perfect: wrong, it was more like HELL! Tourists suck at tipping I discovered, unless on a segway tour, and the work was hard without enough reward. And although Valentines Day was spent working, it was one of the most romantic Valentine's ever. On our way home from spending the evening watching other couples enjoy their lovely pink heart evenings, we stopped by the store for some chocolate fondue, strawberries, the cheapest campaign ever made, and toasted to our never-ending love. It was really simple, yet incredibly romantic.
March- Another uneventful month except for Kyle's birthday...which I can't remember celebrating. Honey, can you help me on this one? What did we do for your birthday?
April- A trip down to the coast with some of our good friends Susie and Chad. Susie and I have been friends since the beginning of time. Our families have been neighbors since we moved into the neighborhood when I was 8 months old. She is my oldest friend, and one of the dearest. History like that can't be replaced.May- Susie and Chad tie the knot!! What a fabulous wedding with an amazingly beautiful bride!!

June- Preparing for our road trip across the US of A to visit friends and family, starting in Texas ending in Washington State.
July- We have a goodbye BBQ party with friends and family in San Antonio at a nearby park. Too bad we didn't have a moon bounce, that would have made the party the event of the year!
- And I re-start my blog!! Interested in that first post back, click here.
The party that rocked the park!

Me and my mommy.

July-August- The most Amazing road trip ever!!! Dallas, Tx; Searcy, Arkansas; Ann Arbor, MI; Chicago, Il; Mouline, Il; little tiny town in Montana; Glacier National Park, Montana; and Lopez island.

August-October - More bad news with Kyle's diploma and it is determined that instead of flying out to South Korea immediatly like we had hoped, instead we would rockout the Northwest with my Aunt BB with lots of activities such as Bumbershoot music festival, a countrified fair, mushroom hunting and the making of the coolest homemade Haunted House ever!
- Kyle's grandmother dies and we fly back to Texas to be with family. Being back in Texas was bittersweet, but we made the most out of it with fun, affordable yet creative events like pumpkin carving.

November- Preparations for my flight to South Korea solo. Scary business.
December- Thrown in to teaching, but loving it. Christmas in Korea and my first time to be away from my hubby for our anniversary (dating) and Christmas.

What will 2009 look like?


LadyFi said...

Segway tour guide - amazing!

Love the river shots too.

Seems like you had a pretty good 2008 in spite of various setbacks!

Here's to a better 2009!

Mrs. S said...

With all the things that didn't go right, it looks like you both had such amazing experiences!! I truly believe the way you live your life is inspirational!!

I loved all the pictures and we are DEFINETLY owed a good 2009! Have you heard anything on when Kyle will join you in SK?

Vanessa Rogers said...

Thank you! We do try and make the most of what we are given and although we have had a rough year, we have had some pretty amazing experiences. We should be hearing something within the next couple of days (hopefully) about when Kyle will join me here. Keep your fingers crossed :)

Veggie Mom said...

Love the look back at '08. I can just tell that 2009 is going to be AWESOME for you all! And so sorry you can't enter our newest's for US and Canada residents only! Keep us in mind, though, for when you land stateside again. And we'll keep up with your Far East adventures, too!

Pink Ink said...

Wow, lots has happened this past year for you. Gotta love warm, short-sleeve weather in December :-)

May you have a great new year!

Elizabeth said...

What a year! It looks like 2009 is shaping out to be quite the experience too--may he get to join you as quickly as possible so that your adventures can resume!